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Score Energy was established 20 years ago as an independent supplier of gas turbine services and gas turbine components for Rolls-Royce, Avon, Olympus and RB211. The company specialises in the overhaul and repair of gas generators, gas turbine fuel systems and associated gas turbine auxiliary equipment.
Our goal has always been to provide complete customer satisfaction by delivering flexible, cost-effective and reliable gas turbine solutions, which combine quality, technical innovation and improved performance.
In-house gas turbine services and parts inventory
Score Energy manages all gas turbine services, extensive parts inventory and rotable exchange units in-house, which allows a rapid response to customers requiring minimum downtime by providing a turnaround service tailored to suit their needs.
Rolls-Royce Avon, Olympus and RB211 gas turbine services
Our purpose-built gas turbine overhaul and test facility located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, provides operators with a complete service for Rolls-Royce Avon, Olympus and RB211 aeroderivative gas turbine engines.
By going beyond current industry standards, we provide a superior service through the application of advanced repair schemes and coating technologies. As a result, module assembly and engine final build standards achieve consistently higher levels of operational efficiency and reliability.
Gas turbine component inspection, repair and overhaul services
Score Energy provide an industry-leading gas turbine component inspection, repair and overhaul service over a wide range of Rolls-Royce, GE, Siemens Light Industrial and Solar equipment.
In conjunction with the component overhauls and repairs we carry out within our facility to OEM specifications, we have also developed advanced repairs and coatings, which improve gas turbine performance and extend service life. These tested and validated advanced repairs allow us to salvage components that would otherwise be replaced with costly new ones.
Gas turbine engine performance testing and monitoring
The Ground Level ENgine (GLEN) test facility was opened in 2003 to provide the world’s most advanced dual-fuel gas turbine test facility to operators in the power generation and oil and gas industries.
At its core, the GLEN’s high-technology precision calibrated test bed is capable of testing industrial turbines up to 60MW in both liquid or gas fuel. We can also provide the unique option of steam/water injection for projects such as research and development.
Gas turbine fuel systems and accessories
Unique OEM approvals and the latest aeroderivative service facilities allow the support of a vast range of equipment such as lube and scavenge pumps, flow divider valves, thrust balance control valves, bleed valves and fuel manifolds across many engine types manufactured by General Electric, Siemens, Rolls-Royce and Solar Turbines.
A high-quality and unparalleled turnaround service utilising OEM parts and procedures ensures maximum performance and life span, whilst retaining engine warranty. Our customer base includes major service centres, end users and OEMs throughout the world.
Gas turbine fuel nozzle services
Score is the only company in the world approved by the fuel nozzle manufacturer Parker Hannifin and the engine manufacturer GE to carry out the overhaul, testing, repair and General Electric service bulletin upgrades on a complete range of LM gas turbine fuel nozzles.
Parts and rotable exchange units
Score carries a large stock of parts and rotable exchange units, which can be shipped prior to any planned shutdown and therefore help to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.
Dry low emissions premixer components
Exclusive OEM approvals allows Score to provide the world’s only authorised dry low emission (DLW) premixer overhaul, repair, testing and supply facility for General Electric LM gas turbines. We also process a wide range of dry low NOx (DLN) fuel systems across a range of engines.
All overhaul services are managed within our own facility utilising the latest equipment and technology, and are supported by the world’s largest stock of DLE pre-mixer components.
Gas turbine field service centres
Score’s five strategically placed gas turbine field service centres allow us to provide rapid support anywhere in the world. Routine inspection and maintenance from these centres can be arranged upon request or as part of a long-term service agreement.
Gas turbine field services include troubleshooting (routine inspection and maintenance), boroscopic inspections, gas turbine installation and commissioning, onsite repairs, consultancy and maintenance planning.
Rolls-Royce, Avon, Olympus and RB211 are trademarks held by Rolls-Royce, which is not affiliated with Score Group.

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