Schroeder Valves


As a specialist in protective pump fittings, no other service provider in the market is as dedicated as Schroeder to the further technical development of specialised pump fittings. Automatic recirculation valves Automatic recirculation valves protect pumps against damage that may occur as a result of a partial evaporation of the pump content when it is operated under light loads. Each automatic recirculation valve is specially designed for the specific pump it is to be used for. Special automatic recirculation valves Special automatic recirculation valves are protective pump fittings. They automatically protect rotary pumps against damage that may occur as a result of the partial evaporation of pump content when pumps are operated under low loads. Multifunctional safety valve The SMV multifunctional valve ensures system safety and availability by means of cost-optimised functional bundling. Automatic venting makes a meaningful contribution to pump protection in addition to minimum volume control and the return function in the main pumping volume. The main application lies in the process engineering of particularly technical liquid gases, especially at low temperatures, as well as in tank storage technology and the loading of liquid gases. Canned motor pumps and magnetic pumps protect the multifunctional valve against running dry. Protective rotary pump fitting The SMA 63/64 minimum-volume compact system is a protective pump fitting. It automatically protects rotary pumps against damage that may occur as a result of the partial evaporation of the pump content when the pumps are operated under low load. As soon as the main pump flow falls below a predetermined value, the valve opens the bypass and safely drains the minimum volume, even if the pumping volume in the main flow direction drops to zero. High-pressure control valves The SR/SA high-pressure control valve has been designed to control liquid media at high and very high pressures. It is used for both simple volume control (type SA) and for volume regulation (type SR). When used for pump protection, SR/SA valves are mainly used for modern process control and monitoring systems. They make it possible to accurately adjust the minimum volume regulation to meet customers' requirements. Step throttles for liquid media Step throttles are used to reduce the pressure and flow volume of liquid media. The step throttles are used in nominal widths ranging from DN20 to DN500, in pressure steps up to PN640 and up to a permissible media temperature of 400°C. The throttle housings are normally made of 1.0460 (C22.8) steel suitable for pressurised vessels, but can also be made of various types of stainless steel, depending on the medium. The throttles are made of suitable stainless steel. Configuration takes place in accordance with the AD 2000/EN 13445 regulations. The products are CE-labelled in accordance with the DGR 97/23 EC directive on pressurised devices and a conformity statement is issued. All hazard groups in categories 1 to 4 are included in the certification according to Module H1 (DGR 97/23 EC). Upstream pipe pressure-maintenance device The Schroeder pressure-maintenance device does not allow the static pressure in the upstream pipe to fall below a defined minimum value. It performs this independently of the flow volume. This means that the specified minimum pressure is maintained, from the nominal flow rate to the smallest volume. Normally pressure maintenance devices are used to avoid cavitation and partial evaporation in the pumping medium. By increasing the pressure level in the system component to be protected, they stop local steam pressure from falling below requirements. The SDV has an integrated return function, i.e. the system is also protected against reverse flow if needed.

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