Satlynx successfully delivers pioneering global satellite solutions to both upstream and downstream business. In exploration and extraction, Satlynx has an excellent track record in maintaining network availability throughout all customers? locations, whether dispersed or hard-to-reach land sites, offshore rigs or maritime fleets.
Downstream, Satlynx has unparalleled experience in deploying the largest gasoline station networks in the EMEA regions. Comprising thousands of sites across international borders, the networks support transactional data traffic, payment verification, video surveillance, video broadcasting and broadband internet.

Typical users:
? Gasoline stations
? Oil tankers / barges
? Oil rigs
? FPSO service fleets
? Onshore offices
? Pipelines
? Production plants

Types of applications:
? Real time data
? Monitoring systems
? Ship to shore calling
? Broadband Internet
? VoIP telephony
? Video conferencing

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