Sai Biz Associates


At SAI BIZ ASSOCIATES, we believe in "Quality Manpower Management"

We believe that a motivated and a qualified employee has the ability to change the destiny of any company

We believe that successful organizations are run by successful people,

We believe that a good and devoted employee can change a companies image and make it successful with his hard work, devotion and your motivation.

...this and lots more what we think is Quality Manpower Management

SAI BIZ caters to manpower requirements of some of the leading companies and corporate houses in the WORLD. We specialize in providing skilled and unskilled human resource solutions for construction, Oil, Power and Gas, etc.

Our international business partners have extensive networks and offer specialized services from more than 25 countries like Philippines, China, Thailand, Morocco, Burma(Myanmar), Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Dubai, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria , Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, South Africa, Estonia Latvia and Lithuania among others.

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