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SAG Alutech, a company of the Salzburger Aluminium Group, is Europe's leading supplier of fuel, hydraulic and air-pressure tanks in aluminium for heavy trucks, cranes and special markets. SAG Alutech made a name for itself not only through the construction of metallic tanks, but also through special welded constructions such as platforms, frame constructions, storage boxes and containers.
Corrosion-resistant aluminium structures for the offshore industry
The conditions offshore for materials such as steel are anything but ideal as corrosion is a known problem. Aluminium is a reliable lightweight material and does not corrode; a crucial advantage in comparison with other materials. Furthermore, the lack of corrosion results in fewer service and maintenance requirements, which means lower lifetime costs.
Offshore aluminium fuel, hydraulic and urea tanks
Alutech creates aluminium fuel, hydraulic and urea tanks as single or combi-tank solutions with up to three chambers based on individual specifications. Alutech provides:

Variations of aluminium fuel tanks based on standard cross-sections
Pre-assembled aluminium fuel tanks, including supports and bands
Tailor-made constructions to customers' specifications
Step tanks
Aluminium tanks with space-optimised steps
Combi tanks – tanks with fuel and oil chamber and attachments according to customers' specifications (standard and special cross-sections)
Design and production of special attachment elements for the truck body

High-performance offshore aluminium air-pressure tanks
The lightweight and corrosion-resistance properties of aluminium (without internal and external coating) make it the perfect material for Alutech’s aluminium air-pressure tanks and air-brake systems, which meet EN 286-2 and EN 286-4 specifications.
Customised aluminium air-pressure tanks
In addition to standard air-pressure tanks, available in a wide range of diameters and volumes, SAG Alutech’s R&D team develops customised air-pressure tanks in various designs, all tested according to the EN 286-2 and EN 286-4 norms. Through high-quality welding, manufacturing and testing processes, our air-pressure tanks reach long service life.
Special aluminium constructions
Alutech’s top development and material competence is a fundamental requirement for an optimal aluminium design. Using SAG Motion technology as a central source of innovative in-house and special developments, we strive to achieve customised and forward-looking solutions.
Aluminium structures for the offshore industry
Alutech’s R&D team works with state-of-the-art CAD software and data interchange in order to realise a professional and nearly online cooperation according to the customer's demands. In addition to the development and design of lightweight solutions, Alutech offers the creation of prototypes, from small series to long-running series.
Alutech provides structural parts, cabins, platforms, storage boxes, shelters and containers, frame constructions, tubular structures, and stairs.
Tanks for commercial vehicles
As a developer and manufacturer of tanks for all large-scale commercial vehicle manufacturers, top OEM quality of each tank is a matter of course for the SAG Motion Group. Companies such as Daimler, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Scania, Volvo, Renault, Liebherr, Palfinger, Cargotech, Hiab, Parker and more swear by the high processing quality of Alutech products.
Aluminium components and systems
SAG Motion is a division of Salzburger Aluminium, an international supplier of aluminium components and systems for the automotive, commercial vehicle, aviation, motorcycle and railway industries, as well as of high-performance materials for the processing industry.
The core products of SAG Motion include fuel and hydraulic tanks, urea tanks, air-pressure tanks, crash management systems, seat structures and special welding constructions. In addition to its headquarters in Lend and Ranshofen, Austria, SAG Motion has subsidiaries in France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia and Mexico.

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