Rotech Subsea


Rotech Subsea is digging up business all over the world providing mass flow excavation services for multiple applications such as pipeline trenching, wellhead excavations, platform pile excavations, rock dump excavations, and cable trenching.
The tools were designed with precise excavation power and stability in mind. Water is brought in through counter-rotating impellors and redirected to the seabed in the form of high volume, yet low pressure water column that can move materials with shear strengths of up to 60 Kpa. While hung from the vessel?s crane or A-Frame, a multibeam sonar system, attached to the tool shows a profile of the excavation which aids in locating problem areas and shows trench depth. With the tool being non-contact and the pressure exerted on the pipeline being very low, we have been able to successfully trench pipelines while they remain live. Teams of skilled technicians are there to ensure all excavation requirements are met to the clients? satisfaction.
Our head offices are located in Aberdeen Scotland with representation in the UK, US, Mexico, France, and Asia, and Australia. With a track record of over 100 projects, we have proven ourselves to be one of the most effective and efficient means of excavation.

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