Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corp


Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corporation (R-SCC) specializes in the supply of specialty wire and cables for the offshore industry. Products include the MC Sensor® cables, Exane® oilrig cables and Gardex® armored cables. R-SCC has supplied cable products to the offshore industry for over 30 years and our Exane insulated cables have been an industry standard for 20 years. EXANE® Exane is an irradiated cross-linked polyolefin insulation material, that is capable of continuous performance at 125°C, thus allowing higher current carrying capacity. Exane insulated cables are ideally suited for use in rugged oil rig applications. They have outstanding resistance to abrasion, cut-through, low and high temperatures, petrochemical fluids, sunlight and moisture. Exane also has excellent flame and acid gas retardance. Our Exane insulated cables are currently being used worldwide, including rigs and platforms located in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the West Coast of Africa. GARDEX® Our Gardex line of armored power, instrumentation and control cables are completely self-contained wiring systems. They are designed for use in applications where resistance to mechanical and physical abuse is required. The Gardex armor is impervious to water, gas and corrosive elements. They also meet stringent Class 1, Division 1 requirements. Included in our Gardex line is our Gardex CRC®, an armored critical circuit cable that is designed for highly critical electrical circuits, which may be subject to very high temperatures, vibrations and flames. Our newest Gardex product is our AC Drive Cable. Gardex ACD® was designed for use in IGBT type high-speed AC drive applications and has been found to provide the optimum performance for the total AC drive system. This product has been recommended by GE, Siemens, Rockwell Automation and ABB for AC drive applications. MC SENSOR® CABLE Our latest offering to the offshore industry is our MC Sensor cable. The MC Sensor cable is designed to link downhole sensor equipment to the surface data acquisition devices and provide a secure and robust data path for critical downhole information, while also providing power to the gauges. These permanent downhole gauge cables are designed to perform in demanding sub-sea environments. Our basic gauge cable consists of a single ETFE insulated conductor held in the center of ¼" 316L stainless steel tube by a filler layer of expanded polyethylene. This construction may be encapsulated for additional chemical and mechanical protection in variety of polymeric materials. Other product configurations include multiple insulated conductors, fiber optics, strength members, injection tubing, sub-sea safety valve tubing, or various combinations of these components. We are also able to offer Incoloy 825 tubing or other customer required alloys. We are the only integrated producers of permanent, downhole sensor gauge cables in the world and we are able to provide our cables in splice free lengths exceeding 30,000'. ROCKBESTOS-SURPRENANT CABLE CORPORATION Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corporation is a member of the Marmon Group, an association of one hundred operating companies including 11 wire and cable manufactures. Included in our group are such wire and cable producers as Hendrix Wire, Cerro Wire and Cable and our newest member, Kerite. Kerite, one of the oldest wire and cable companies in the US, has been supplying submarine and ESP cables to the offshore industry for decades. Rockbestos Surprenant's experience, along with the combined knowledge of our sister companies, enables us provide innovative engineered wire and cable products that meet the demands of the offshore industry.

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