Riyada Consulting


Riyada Consulting provides oil & gas, petrochemical consulting in project and construction management for upstream, midstream and downstream petrochemical products and services, energy-related facilities. Our experience is in the management, engineering, design, planning, and construction of upstream, midstream and downstream oil, gas, petrochemical and energy related facilities, pipelines, fuel storage and distribution systems, including near-shore marine facilities and structures; economic analysis and strategic planning and execution of oil and gas projects, training and workshops.

Riyada Consulting specializes in procurement of various petrochemical products or chemicals required for upstream, midstream and downstream for our clients. Riyada Consulting also facilitates in sourcing onshore or offshore oil rigs for its various clients.

Economic Analysis

Cash flow projections before and after income taxes
Forecasts of oil, gas, and plant product prices
Project Financing studies
Estimates of Fair Market Value by appropriate combinations of accepted appraisal methods
Undeveloped mineral or leasehold interests
Developed or partially developed mineral or leasehold interests
Working interests, royalty interests, overriding royalty interests, production payments, net profits interests
Gas Plants
Gathering systems, pipelines, and compression installations
Evaluations for purchase or sale of oil and gas interests including sensitivity studies
Evaluations of bids
Biding for clients

Riyada Consulting provides Training & Implementing Risk Management Strategies. Riyada Consulting is proud to announce the various workshops for the companies in oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

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