Rilson Sealing Company is the leading manufacturer specialized in
producing various sealing materials in China. Following are some main products: Expanded graphite packing PTFE packing GFO packing Graphited PTFE packing Asbestos packing Polyimide fiber packing Die-formed ring Aramid fiber packing PTFE packing Sintered PTFE packing Glass fiber packing Braided asbestos packing flexible graphite roll Expanded graphite sheet Reinforced graphite sheet Non-asbestos sheet PTFE sheet Mica sheet Ceramic fiber sheet Rubber sheet Asbestos rubber sheet(CAF sheet) Spiral wound gasket PTFE envelope gasket Graphite yarn Expanded graphite tape ,anti-corrosive tape,o-ring kits,o-ring splicing kits, copper ring kit, rubber o-ring cord. The company conforms to ISO 9001. Rilson's primary goal - Bring Chinese sealing to the world, and introduce the world's products to China.

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