Raccortubi is one of Europe's leading companies in the production, storage and supply of piping systems for a wide range of industrial applications, from chemical, petrochemical and oil installations to power plants, and from shipyards to offshore platforms.
Stock piping components for offshore applications
Raccortubi has grown in step with Italy's modernisation, building an image of complete reliability, valued both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the increasing availability of stock piping components of all diameters, thickness ranges and material grades, as well as recognised technical and marketing competence.
Raccortubi offers only proven-quality materials that fulfil the most rigorous international safety and performance standards.
Customised offshore piping components
The mission of the Raccortubi Group is to assert itself as the first choice and point of reference for customers in the supply of piping components to end customers in Italy and around the world and in the management of complete and highly customised orders for engineering companies and major clients.
Raccortubi believes this aim can be achieved by ensuring customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships with its customers. Consequently, the company focuses its attention and resources on perfecting tools and procedures aimed at maintaining standards of excellence in the quality of its materials and its service.
Butt weld fittings in stainless steel and special alloys
In 1988 Raccortubi set up Tecninox in Sarmato (Piacenza), a company that produces butt weld fittings in stainless steel and special alloys.
Strategic integration between the original business structure and the industrial production framework has allowed the Group to achieve greater flexibility in the management of stocks, to increase the diversity of materials and production, to fulfil the requirements of a variety of sectors, and to increase the degree of customisation in the fulfilment of large orders.
Since the end of the 1980s Raccortubi Group has achieved a steadily growing turnover and the position of top player in the European market, winning the trust of its customers, which include the biggest engineering companies in Italy and Europe as well as multinational operators like Eni, Saras, Fincantieri, Ansaldo, Nuovo Pignone, Snamprogetti (Saipem), Techint, Technip, Tecnimont and many others.
Offshore pipes and fittings
Raccortubi Group's modern complex in Marcallo con Casone covers an area of over 25,000m², including 10,000m² set aside for the stock warehouse. This new complex is one of the biggest in the industry, both in Italy and the rest of Europe. It has doubled Raccortubi's stock capacity for fittings and quadrupled the capacity for pipes compared with the previous site.
The warehouse now stocks over 5,000 items for immediate delivery, including pipes and fittings of all sizes and thicknesses, in various grades of stainless steel, duplex and superduplex, and in various special alloys.
Material is normally delivered within 48 to 72 hours but same-day delivery service is available in cases of emergency.
Tailored pipe fittings, bolts and flanges
Many of Raccortubi Group's customers entrust the company with supplying some or all of the products needed to carry out a project and it is this that distinguishes the company from its competitors. Raccortubi has a huge variety of materials that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements (this applies, for example, to steel grades and the range of dimensions).
Because Raccortubi sells tubes of all diameters and thicknesses it is able to fulfil orders for all kinds of parts, from fittings to bolts and flanges. Raccortubi can accept orders for considerable quantities, guaranteeing fast delivery times and the maximum quality of each individual product.
Piping systems for chemical, petrochemical and oil production plants, power generation stations and ships
One example among many that demonstrates the company's flexibility is the batch of carbon fittings that Raccortubi supplied in the early 1990s, via a UK engineering company, to the companies involved in the building of the Channel Tunnel. The latest example has seen Raccortubi Group involved in the construction, for Fincantieri, of one of the biggest passenger ships ever built.
In a wide and constantly developing market, Raccortubi is a point of reference and a reliable partner for distributors and both Italian and European engineering companies building chemical, petrochemical and oil production plants, power generation and processing stations, and ships.
ISO-certified piping component stockist
Raccortubi Group was the first (and for a long time the only) Italian stockist to achieve the ISO 9002 certification, in 1991 (subsequently extended to Tecninox production). Today Raccortubi Group operates with an ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000) certification obtained from the Lloyd's Register. Tecninox's production has also achieved further approvals, including Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) conformity certified by TÜV and various other end-customer approvals.

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