Qingdao Yongtai Shipping Supplies Co.,Ltd


Qingdao Yongtai is a leading manufacturer of marine rubber fenders, floating Yokohama fender, foam filled fenders, buoyancy products, inflatable airbags/rollers for ship launching/landing, underwater air-lifting bags, yacht fenders. And we can also contract the projects of ship launching/landing; heaving conveying and salvage of wrecked ships all over the world.

l EVERGREEN pneumatic fenders, i.e. Yokohama fenders, can be delivered in various sizes and executions. Our marine pneumatic fenders are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO17357-2002 certification. Evergreen is your best choice of fenders ship.

l Foam filled fenders, as one kind of floating fenders, are slowly and widely used by more and more dock as mooring fender because of its no blast danger and free of maintains. And our shipboard foam filled fenders are also widely used by Navy.

l Our breakthrough technology, ship launching/landing by shipping air-bags have been used in cargo boat launching and landing, clog lifting and moving, sunken ships salvaging and stranded boats saving.

l Marine air-lift buoyancy bags include underwater air-lift bags, inflatable buoyancy bags, salvage tubes, pipeline buoyancy system, cable floatation, water load & measuring and relative accessories. Meanwhile, our relative products include bulk liquid storage system and environmental & oil spill response.

l Offshore Buoyancy products include surface buoyancy products, and subsea buoyancy products. Such as booms, general surface support buoys, mooring buoys, modular buoys, navigation and marker buoys, pipeline floats and other offshore engineering products.

l We design and produce marine fendering systems. We provide the full range of marine fendering from small tugboat rubber fenders to container ship marine fenders. These include design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and commissioning, maintenance, and after-sales services.

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