Pyroban Flameproofing and explosion protection


Pyroban has provided the oil and gas industry with explosion proof solutions for diesel engined equipment for over 35 years. Today Pyroban provides a range of solutions for prime movers used to power all types of temporary well services equipment from nitrogen units to coiled tubing.
Pyroban uses the latest technology to combine safety with the tough requirements of todays well service equipment. Pyrobans solutions are suitable for all types of applications electronic or diesel. 3GP and 3GP Lite bring additional safety to equipment where flame arrestors are not required with a combination of traditional flameproof techniques, gas detection and an electronic control system.
Pyroban also provides engineering and consultancy services for bespoke explosion proof projects including product development, testing, certification and training.
Pyroban also lead the international market with their explosion proof conversions of materials handling equipment and can supply oil rigs across the world with fork trucks suitable for offshore applications.

Pyroban projects include flameproof air compressors, fire pumps, generators, cranes, wireline winches, coil tubing units, nitrogen units, high pressure jetting pumps, fork lift trucks and mining power packs.

Testing to the Oil industries standards

Pyroban Explosion protection systems comply with the essential safety requirements of the European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX Directive) for equipment classified group II, category 3G (zone 2). We also have solutions suitable for the US and other national standards.

Pyroban is committed to customer service from the outset. We can have personnel in place offshore (with necessary medical certs., survival training, etc...) or onshore to aid with commissioning, installation, fault finding etc. Our service is also backed up by a 24hr emergency support hotline

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