Protea delivers material handling equipment and systems for offshore, marine and onshore markets. Protea also provides inspections, expediting, production supervision and engineering services. Offshore pedestal crane delivery Protea delivers offshore pedestal cranes of various sizes and types. The company develops its own brand of RAM Luffing, Rope Luffing and Rope King post cranes - Proteus®. Offshore pedestal cranes are the most important means of transport of materials between any offshore installation and a supply vessel. We also deliver overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes, deck cranes, floating cranes, wind farm cranes, shearleg cranes, pipe handling cranes, heavy lift cranes, christmas (xmas) tree cranes and derricks for any offshore applications. Our offshore pedestal cranes can be diesel hydraulic or electro hydraulic cranes. They can be delivered with box boom, lattice boom, telescopic boom or knuckle boom. BOP gantry and semi gantry cranes Protea delivers offshore BOP gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of SWL 550mt. The range of products covers BOP gantry and semi gantry cranes. The BOP crane is used for horizontal and vertical transportation of BOPs, and is a key component of the whole BOP handling system on the vessel. BOP cranes delivered by Protea are manufactured with a hoisting system, which consists of two main winches of up to 275mt load capacity each. Each winch can operate separately or together in a synchronous mode. The crane is also equipped with auxiliary hoists and a specially designed BOP holding and guiding system. Protea also designs and manufactures 80mt BOP cranes systems. The crane package is an overhead offshore type, electrically driven and controlled. The package consists of two identical single girder bridge cranes with 2x20mt SWL hoist winches each. BOP cranes system is specially dedicated to handling low-weight BOPs mainly on platforms operated in the North Sea. Delivery of offshore winches A range of specially designed winches are delivered by Protea. Among them there are anchor handling winches, riser pulling winches, abandon and recovery winches, constant tension winches, launching winches, man riding winches, deck winches, chain winches, tugger winches and traction winches. These can be delivered with spooling device or level winder. Winches are delivered fully tested and often with a hydraulic power pack, hydraulic power unit (HPU) or electric power unit. The company has recently acquired several orders for the delivery of series of winches for heavy-lift floating offshore cranes. The series includes boom hoist winches, main hoist winches, auxiliary hoist winches, whip hoist winches and tugger winches. The winches are either of hydraulic or electric type. The winches' drives are of modularised type. Protea has also won several orders for anchor / mooring winches for PDVSA in Venezuela. This should be a new and opening market for Protea. The winches are of double-drum type with spooling devices, and are electrically driven with advanced control and monitoring systems. They are of different sizes and will be used on several oil barges. Offshore steel structures and related equipment Protea also delivers offshore electric houses, offshore containers, A-frames, trolleys, rails and bogies, capstans, powered sheaves, powered trolleys, rail trolleys, hose reels, pipe reels and umbilical reels. Protea delivers directly from own manufacturing facility. Production facility Protea has its own modern fabrication plant in Poland with capacity of over 1,200t/year of machine and steel structures. Due to fast growth and rapid development with constant production processes improvement, in the near future the company plans to enlarge the production facility and double the production capacity. Protea has become a high-quality manufacturer in Poland with work costs significantly lower than in Western European countries. The company is actively seeking new, interesting and demanding orders worldwide. Inspections and expediting Protea provides a comprehensive range of quality-related services like inspections and production supervision. We also carry out audits of manufacturing companies. Protea performs inspections in Poland: Steel structures Paintings and coatings Welding Electrical / instrumentation equipment Mechanical equipment Since 2003 Protea serves as a sourcing HUB for Aker Solutions group in Poland. Protea inspectors join project teams to permanently support quality assurance on production sites.

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