ProCan Production Services


ProCan Production Services Inc. is a diversified oil and gas optimization company serving the oil and gas industry with cost effective solutions to declining production flow regimes. We offer a wide range of services including Plunger Lift System Installation & Service, Dynamometer Field Work & Analysis, Depression Testing, Acoustic Build Ups, Pressure Testing, and Fluid Levels. 

We also provide testing to ensure ERCB compliance in the areas of Surface Casing Vent, Gas Migration, Segregation, Packer Isolation, Flow Prover and Gas Oil Ratio. To meet both ERCB regulations and customer requirements, ProCan offers Lease Inspection Services customized to requested specifications. 

Established in 2007, ProCan Production Services Inc. has achieved impressive growth and established a reputation for top quality products and service throughout the industry. Obtaining our COR certification proves just how safety and environmentally conscious we are. Please contact our sales office for further information about us, our policies and our services.

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