Pride ASA - Synergi


Synergi is an integrated business solution, which provides your organisation with the tools you need to manage and reduce operational and business risk. Synergi will increase HSEQ performance, reduce cost, communicate information and provide a comprehensive preventative and corrective action tracking system.

One solution to handle it all.

Synergi incorporates many years of invaluable experience in the field of risk management from leading companies within fuel, energy, transportation, health, construction, processing industries. Synergi offers a unique opportunity to share and communicate data over complex multi-layered organisations and enables your organisation to capture, distribute and report local and global performances by standardising the entire HSEQ process.

Synergi allows to capture and store all the basic attributes of the different sources of information in their native language. Information can be collected from permanent and mobile installations throughout the organisation via web and e-mail interfaces.
Modules in Synergi include:
Incident Management; Quality Management ; Risk Management; Audit Management; Environmental Management; Activity management

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