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Predrill Stresses International (PSI) owns 4DGeoStress, a patented methodology and software for measuring stress direction and magnitude from interpreted-reflection, seismic pre-drilling.
4DGeoStress provides stress determination for all stages of exploration, drilling and production. Our website has downloadable case studies demonstrating the applications of stress quantification and prediction.
Pressure-depth graphs for wellbore design
PSI uses interpreted 2D and 3D seismic data to produce a 3D stress volume. This provides stress direction and magnitude at any point within the volume for both today and in the past.
In the example, the Oliver-2 well was lost below 3,000m. If the fault sloughing problems experienced in Oliver-1ST1 were the principal cause, the well could have been directed at a larger angle to the fault surfaces. An inclined (B) well-path was selected. PDGs can be presented as true vertical depth subsea (TVDSS) for vertical wells (middle figure) and linear measured depth (MDSS) for inclined wells (lower figure).
The well planner can then select the (B) or other well-path, which offers the least stress differences across the wellbore.
4D pre-drill stress consulting services
PSI provides consulting services using its 4DGeoStress methodology and software. Our consulting services concentrate on applying stress consistent seismic interpretation for single well-planning to total field, multi-wellbore design.
Pre-drill stress prediction for offshore drilling
Our pre-drill stress prediction for drilling includes:

Well design
Extended reach optimisation
Minimise borehole collapse
Pack-off reduction
Ovepressure / geological hazards
Multi-lateral and sidetrack design

Pre-drill stress-prediction for offshore production
Our pre-drill stress prediction for production includes:

Open / closed fracture directions
Fraccing – petroleum / geothermal
Life of field stress management
Secondary recovery
Sand production
C0 2 sequestration geothermal
Structure and isopach maps (TWT and depth) from 2D and 3D seismic data

Pre-drill stress services for offshore exploration
Our pre-drill stress prediction for exploration includes:

Stress consistent seismic interpretation
Fault seal prediction
Detached deformation
Compressional events
Prospect assessment
Effective geo-engineer interaction

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