Ponco Pacific


Ponco is dedicated to what we do and takes full pride in our people and our work. When you work with Ponco, you know you are working with the RIGht people.

Drilling Rig Manning for onshore and offshore rigs
We provide drilling companies with conventional and specialist crew for drilling jobs. We provide services from the start to the finish providing our clients a comprehensive one stop solution for the personnel needs.

Safety and Technical Training for Oilfield
We also facilitate training courses for conventional jobs (for example drillers and crane operators). We also help facilitate specialist training courses such as Fire & Safety courses, HUETS, sea survival courses and rig evacuation courses etc. .

Onshore and Offshore catering Services
We provide high quality catering services for your crew that is hygienic, safe and nutritious. We are able to work with your existing onsite kitchen and mess, or even build one from scratch if required. .

Expat Accommodation & Health Services
We have partnerships and relationships with leading credible partners to provide Accommodation and Medical Services. For accommodation, this includes short and long term stays in corporate Hotels or Service Apartments. Medical Services include Executive Health Screenings, pre-employment check-ups, executive health screenings, reconstuctive surgery and other medical services.

Supplies and Services
Sometimes, emergency issues appear and fall outside your usual core operations and functions. Often these requires specific supplies or custom services that only a local domestic specialists can help with. We offer such services and try our very best to come up with solutions for you.

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