Polyline Industries


Polyline Industries have manufactured the world's first polyethylene work response craft to be based on an offshore oil platform.
Polyline manufactures a range of polyethylene riser tool boxes, lock-out cabinets, BA mask washing stations, flame screen washing stations, fire hose cabinets, conductor clamps, rope coil storage bins and various storage units for use offshore on oil platforms. We use polypropylene where higher temperature and chemical resistance is required; e.g. for the storage of flame screens.
Fire-retardant, heat-resistant, anti-static, glow in the dark and chemical-resistant materials are available for specific requirements; e.g. anti-static hose reel with polyvinyl difluoride (PVDF) hose to monitor gasses in tanks.
Polyurethane is used for our range of subsea products such as riser guide clamps, spacer blocks, J-plugs, pipeline plugs and various insulation plugs for subsea pipelines, including neutrally buoyant designs specifically for installation by a remote operated vehicle and others that can be installed by divers.
We also have a range of oil containment booms and ancillary products.
Work response crafts
The PolyRIB 6300 work response craft (FRC) was voted one of Work Boat World 's Top 20 Vessels of 2008.
Customised for Vermilion to suit their specific requirements for a work response craft for their Wandoo B Oil Platform, the PolyRIB 6300 is the world's first vessel to be based on and suspended under the oil platform to enable crew to board and launch within a minimal time frame. It is the world's first waterjet-diesel in its size range and the first waterjet installation to use a plastic jet intake. It is the first and only combined FRC and work response craft.
Polyethylene riser tool boxes
Polyline's polyethylene riser tool box is waterproof, highly visible, UV-stable and custom-built to suit any job. Polyline has also supplied a variety of other storage boxes for the Cossack Pioneer, as well as fire hose cabinets, BA mask washing stations and a flame screen wash tub.
Fire hose cabinets
Polyline's fire hose cabinets were built into the space under a staircase to maximise the room available where space was premium.
BA mask washing stations
Breathing apparatus needed to be washed in an outdoor environment that was very salty. For the BA mask washing stations polyethylene was chosen to last the distance over stainless steel.
Flame screen wash tub
The requirement was for a portable wash tub that could be moved as required to wash flame screens. Polyline's flame screen wash tub was the ideal solution.
Conductor clamps
After viewing the situation on the Wandoo B, it was obvious that the conductors needed to be secured by guides. Initially with 300mm of free space around the conductor, it could move up to 600mm in cyclonic conditions.
After considering all the options HDPE conductor clamps were chosen as the most acceptable as:

There would be no corrosion or electrolysis
Being softer than the conductor it would not damage the conductor
Being lightweight it could be easily handled by the rope access team
These conductor clamps have now been in service for two years without a problem and Vermilion have now installed similar clamps on their Wandoo A Oil Platform.

Being neutrally buoyant and chemically inert, polyurethane is the perfect choice of material for our range of subsea products, which include subsea riser guide clamps, spacer blocks, plugs, and insulators for subsea pipelines.
Subsea J-plugs
With 316 stainless-steel locating pins and friction bolts, the subsea J-plug was custom-designed to lock umbilicals into a protective conduit.
Subsea spacer blocks
Polyline's subsea spacer blocks are custom-designed to attach one pipe to another using straps in a subsea environment. With virtually neutral buoyancy, divers can easily position these components.
Oil spill containment boom
The GP600 oil spill containment boom is supplied in 15m lengths conveniently packed into PVC bags. It is relatively lightweight and extremely easy to deploy.