Pistris, Inc.


For the past decade, Pistris has been the only provider of fully equipped, mobile security teams that can be deployed to provide waterborne security throughout the world. The Pistris teams provide experienced, highly effective maritime protection professionals ready to secure the client's interests on the waters of the world. These teams provide services unavailable elsewhere at a fraction of the cost to develop such capabilities organic to your organization.

Pistris' protective coverage does not end at the shoreline, however. We offer an integrated Maritime Security solution to our clients. Specific services include:

On Board Protective Details: Pistris will provide a carefully selected team of protective specialists to remain aboard the client's vessel while underway and/or in port.

Shore-Side Protective Details: In order to ensure a seamless protective umbrella for the client, Pistris personnel can coordinate all security on land-based facilities located adjacent to the water.

Vessel Escorts: Pistris can make its fleet of security craft available to the client to provide waterborne escort of vessels through restricted waterways, as well as maintain a security barrier around the vessel while moored or anchored in port. These military-style craft are specifically designed for such activities and provide an exceptional deterrent to intruders.

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