PetroTec has over 13 years of experience as a specialist provider of integrated engineering solutions to the international oil and gas, marine and energy industries. PetroTec manufactures pumps, compressors, diesel and gas engines, generators and air compressor sets.
Integrated engineering for the offshore oil and gas sector
The company’s primary focus is the offshore oil and gas sector, where its comprehensive suite of engineering services can be tailored to provide engineered solutions that meet the demanding and diverse requirements of projected, new and existing operational projects. The flexibility of the service also ensures that clients can choose to utilize any of the company’s areas of expertise or enjoy the confidence of a fully integrated solution from project inception to completion.
Pumps, compressors, pumpsets and hydraulic power packs,
PetroTec delivers different types of pumps and compressors as an integrated engineered package with diesel or electrical engine and genset. These packages are skid / enclosure mounted, rig safe or ATEX / Zone II configurable.
As an OEM diesel-engineered package, our scope includes engineering and design, fabrication, commissioning and provision of other components for a truly turnkey supply. Some of our services and specialities include:

High-pressure water injection
Fifi pumps and refineries for tank storage plants
Hydraulic / driven screw pump for heavy fuels, etc.
Mud pumps
Booster pumps
Diesel hydraulic power packs
Electric hydraulic power packs
Hydraulic-driven submersible pump
Explosion-proof pumpsets
Pumpsets for oil spills and pumping applications
Sea water lift pump
Water injection pump
Open / sump pump and drain
Oil pumps

Engine-driven pump packages
Engine-driven pump packages are technically complex engineered solutions. The majority of oil companies and engineering contractors have developed their own specifications; therefore, packagers of such equipment have to adapt and design to different requirements and specifications on every project.
PetroTec ensures your system will operate as a single integral unit along all of its auxiliary systems, such as cooling systems, starting systems, controls and instrumentation.
Our involvement in your projects from the early stages onwards ensures meticulous selection and review of the components of each package, to ensure compatibility and reliable operation of the system as an engineered unit. All customer specifications are carefully audited throughout our process to guarantee all client requirements are met.
New and re-built diesel and gas engines
Quality remanufacturing is our area of expertise; we specialize in new diesel engines and complete re-built diesel engines. Diesel overhaul kits, exchanges and components are available for most industrial applications. Our engine services include:

Diesel-engine maintenance and repair
Complete overhaul packages
Engine tear down and re-assembly, including Dyno testing
Crankpin journal machining and grinding
Main bearing journal machining and grinding
Upper and lower cylinder liner landing sleeving
Vibration dampeners / mounting pads for engines
Turbo chargers / casings
Mechanical / electrical components repair
Comprehensive spare-parts support
Field service
Diesel injection pump supply or re-building and testing

On-site services can be performed by PetroTec for all locations internationally, including offshore installations, sea-faring vessels, dry docks and even remote areas where mining or other industrial operations take place.
Generators and air compressor sets
PetroTec's generators and air compressors cater to the marine, offshore, and oil and gas industries for continuous, emergency or stand-by operation, allowing design and configuration to end users or classification society criteria. PetroTec can provide new, rebuilt, or lease / rental generators and air compressor sets.
Large skid packages, topside modules for FPSOs and offshore platforms
In line with our distribution and turnkey services, we also provide other supporting scopes of project management, engineering, supply and fabrication with dedication to the concerned industries. Our own water-front facility allows the fabrication of large skid packages, topside modules for FPSOs and offshore platforms.
This provides effective project execution / co-ordination, sea load out, on-site construction, assembly, testing and other engineering conveniences. All sales, project management, engineering and production departments are located within the same facility, allowing for maximized integration, more efficient and better overall project management, and quicker customer-response time.

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