PBB Global Logistics


PBB has the experience and the infrastructure to deliver the services you need to be successful in this era of Global opportunity. More and more companies are conducting business in a world-wide marketplace and are looking for better ways to reach those markets. For this reason, the Logistics of getting your product from the manufacturing floor to te customer are as critical as the features of the product itself. Whether your goods are distributed as individual packages or full truckloads, by air, ground, or ocean, you need access to all the Services necessary to gain the most direct route to your marketplace. PBB offers International Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing and Distributionk, North American Shipping, Trade & Regulatory Services, Corporate Audit, International Mail Order, Corporate Travel, and e-globallogistics.com. Through a world-wide network of automated facilities, you have access to door-to-door services around the world. PBB is constantly developing new technology to give you the power and flexibility to manage every step, whlie our committment to personal service means we understand your business and are in a position to help you realize new opportunities.

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