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The challenge takes place in head offices and back-offices where financial, land, project and economics data is compiled, assessed and interpreted. Managing this wealth of resource data available to E&P; companies is a key to their corporate survival. Pandell's NexusSuite products have helped hundreds of O&G; companies simplify their processes, reduce data entry time, and make better informed business decisions.

EANexus - Economic Analysis
Make fast and comprehensive evaluations of your economic and reserves interests. An all-in-one economic program that harnesses multiple data sources, EANexus reduces data-entry time and creates rigorous resource and corporate evaluations.

GeoNexus - Land Management
Manage your land effectively with easy retrieval of lease agreements and contract data. From mineral rights to royalty owners, GeoNexus ensures your detailed land information is secure, organized, and right at your fingertips.

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