Offshore and Trawl Supply (OTS) is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibre ropes for operational installations in the offshore oil and gas market. Based in Norway, it specialises in the production, design and engineering of high-tech fibre ropes, as well as combined products, including thimbles, shackles, chains and buoys.
The OTS factory, situated near Aalesund in Norway, is one of the most modern sites in Europe. Fitted with the latest production lines, it uses high-tech fibres to produce ropes with diameters of up to 350mm.
Customised fibre ropes for the oil and gas industry
OTS’ ongoing strategy is to offer customised products. For this reason, the company is a close partner to companies within the oil and gas industry, including seismic, exploration drilling, subsea installation, mooring and loading / offloading operations.
High-strength, lightweight fibre ropes for offshore installations
OTS ropes are mainly manufactured from Dyneema® HMPE fibre, produced by DSM in Holland. This material offers very high-strength, low-density and high-stiffness properties.
OTS’ fibre rope enables operators of offshore installations to easily carry out work at depths of 2,000m and beyond, and allows operators to carry the same length of rope at only 15% of the weight. This increases stability of the vessel and decreases fuel consumption, allowing the vessels to operate with greater flexibility.
Abrasion-resistant fibre ropes
Through extensive research and development (R&D) OTS has developed fibre ropes with the best characteristics and properties available.
OTS’ ropes are typically fitted with an outside protective jacket, which is a patented technology that enables the rope to be more resistant to outside abrasion than any other existing rope, hence, increasing the lifetime of the rope considerably.
Third-party-tested fibre ropes
The properties of OTS’ rope has been tested in third-party laboratories and, compared to rival ropes, has emerged as a clear winner in such tests. Consequently, the value that OTS provides to the customer is significantly higher than that delivered by alternative suppliers.
Offshore fibre ropes, mooring hawsers, buoys and hardware
OTS offers the following range of products:

Dextron® ropes made of Dyneema fibre
Ropes for subsea installations
Ropes for offshore loading / offloading operations
Ropes for main tow and other applications for the seismic industry
Mooring ropes for mobile and permanent units
Mooring hawsers made of nylon or polyester fibre
12-strand ropes made of Dyneema, nylon, polyester, aramids and other types of fibre
Hardware to fit specific arrangements

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