Optical Metrology Services


Optical Metrology Services (OMS) provides specialist pipe profiling, inspection and fit-up technology services to the oil and gas industry. In deepwater applications where fatigue-sensitive steel catenary riser (SCR) and flowline pipes require precise welding, OMS offers clients a portfolio of services and products designed to mitigate risk and expedite the process. Pipelay supplies and welding services Oil industry owners, pipelay contractors and welders need to record and analyse pipe-end geometry quickly and accurately. When inconsistencies present a workforce with pipe fit-up problems, OMS quickly deploys precision measurement solutions and inspection services worldwide. Using proven data collection techniques, OMS defines the scale of the challenge its clients face and advises on the best course of action to help avoid project delays and increased costs. Pipe-end dimensioning OMS has developed AutoTool™, an automatic laser measurement tool that records more than 2,000 internal and external measurements around each pipe end in less than 20s. This tool is accurate to 0.05mm and enables OMS staff to measure the wall thickness, and inner and outer diameters of multiple pipes in a single shift. This minimises pipe handling operations, the time spent on-site, project delays and pipe-laying costs. Pipe profile data capture software OMS has developed SmartFit™ software to analyse pipe profiles and determine high-low (Hi-Lo) measurements, which ultimately helps plan and control pipe fit-up. The software allows the operator to mark the best rotational position on each pipe end so that these can be aligned correctly and efficiently. Pipes that do not fit the client's specified Hi-Lo alignments are also highlighted and can be re-sequenced or removed from the operation. SmartFit™ can be deployed onshore or offshore, before pipes are brought into the bead stall or loaded onto a cargo barge for welding. The software can be used to minimise fit-up risks in challenging pipeline welding projects. Options for SmartFit™ stations include visualisation, providing an on-screen view of the simulated fit-up, or the 'sequencer' software, which gives the operator a model of the ready rack and allows quick re-sequencing, while presenting a table of fit-up data. OMS has deployed these technologies in numerous projects worldwide, regularly achieving fit-up improvements on a variety of high-profile oil and gas projects. Pipe inspection services Using years of direct experience and extensive industry knowledge, OMS has developed a range of tools that address all of the main requirements of pipeline fabrication inspectors. The video inspection tools offered by OMS come as part of a bespoke service, which can be customised to meet the specifications of any project. In addition to clear, well-lit imaging in any environment, the video inspection unit is robust, durable and can be used safely in high-temperature locations. These tools can also be used with laser scanning hardware, providing both a visual inspection and analytical data. The hardware provides high-definition, megapixel imaging with full pan-and-tilt controls and auto-focus lenses, housed on a remotely operable tractor unit with a control range of up to 200m. Although every inspection will benefit from video technology, the device is unique when it comes to performing quality control assessments on hard-to-reach lengths of pipe, curved pipes and complex structures such as pipe manifolds. About Optical Metrology Services With headquarters based in the UK and satellite offices in the US and Brazil, OMS is involved in oil and gas projects worldwide, including North and South America, the Far East, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. OMS has developed a full suite of measurement technologies and services for its clients. The company regularly seeks feedback from its clients to ensure that it continuously improves its processes. OMS is involved from the initial concept and engineering design to the manufacture and testing stages of the final product. In-house design and manufacturing enables the company to provide unique, advanced technologies and bespoke solutions. OMS' Thebus engineering division manufactures the company's tools and products, as well as providing precision engineering services locally to the client, if required. In addition to the oil and gas sector, OMS works closely with other industry sectors where accurate dimensional measurements of pipes or similar structures are critical. OMS's client base includes Shell, BP, Chevron, Petrobras, Exxon Technip, Subsea 7, Saipem, Serimax, Welspun, McDermott, PTL, Heerema, Socotherm, Isleburn, V&M, Murphy, Sumitomo, Marubeni-Itochu, StatOil, Bredero Shaw, Total, Apache and Hess.

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