Ompa is specialized in the manufacturing of drilling and completion tools such as:

- Cross-Over subs, Pup Joint s , Blast Joints, Perforating Guns, Slotted
- Liners, Adapter s , etc.
- Maintenance and transformation of special tools .
- Maintenance and repair of on-shore/off-shore installation.

OMPA has following licences: API 5CT; 6A; 7; 7-1; Tenaris-Hydrill ThreadsTSH-MS , TSH-MS28 , TSH-ER; Hunting Interlock.

O.M.P.A. operates in the metalworking industry in the design and manufacture of

-Drilling and Completion tools, such as Cross-Over subs, Pup Joints, Blast Joints, Perforating Guns, Slotted Liners, Adapters, etc.

-Maintenance and Transformation of special tools.
-Design, engineering and technical assistance
-Maintenance and repair of on-shore/ off-shore installations.
-Fabrication of unit and complete lines for industry.
-Specialized welding with qualified personnel (Welding, dye penetrating and magnetic particle control from R.I.N.A. REGISTER).
-Surface treatment: Thermal Arc Spray, Phosfatation

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