Omnisens is the leader in long-range, continuous, distributed fibre-optic monitoring for industries including oil and gas (subsea, down hole and pipeline), civil engineering and power. We deliver state-of-the-art solutions across five continents, working with teams of specialist providers and resellers in the Far East, Europe, Latin America, Russia and North America.
To safeguard our customers’ resources and help them avoid the escalating consequences of delayed incident detection, we deploy the most precise technology on the market. Our pioneering fibre-optic Brillouin-based sensing delivers pinpoint-accurate monitoring in support of the structural and operational integrity of critical assets and infrastructure, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Real-time monitoring of critical infrastructure
Omnisens has pioneered a technique that provides permanent real-time monitoring with unmatched detection performance for the purposes of safeguarding continuity of supply. Our technology provides unique surveillance capabilities for critical infrastructure such as pipelines, power cables, subsea infrastructures, bridges and buildings.
Measuring systems and sensing cables for fibre-optic monitoring
Our DITEST solutions, principally used for leak detection, strain and fatigue monitoring, ground movement and intrusion detection, combine measuring systems with best-in-industry dedicated sensing cables, data processing and a user-friendly interface with customised visualisation tools. This technology is implemented using our extensive application know-how and field experience.
Distributed sensing fibre-optic monitoring
Distributed sensing uses the fibre-optic itself as a linear sensor that provides seamless measurement information all along its length, replacing the complex integration of thousands of conventional single-point sensors.
It has major advantages for the protection of people and critical resources, especially where continuous monitoring is required over long distances, or within inaccessible or inhospitable environments. At the same time, it can deliver a significant reduction in installation, calibration and maintenance costs.
Turnkey fibre-optic monitoring service
Our services are structured to ensure our customers benefit from the right solution, robustly installed and properly operated. We deliver complete project design and management, from customer requirement to system specification, fibre-optic cable selection and software configuration, as well as project implementation.
We project manage all contracts to ensure the effective coordination of planning, design, procurement, testing and commissioning. In addition, we offer specialised data analysis through our versatile software solutions, and feasibility studies where required. We support all customer applications worldwide, providing training in our products through a network of certified distributors and experts.
Omnisens is dedicated to innovating and delivering exceptional technical design and performance, supported by outstanding customer service.
Offshore fibre-optic monitoring projects
Our technology is being applied to projects around the world, in support of crucial power supplies and key infrastructure:
Peru LNG: protecting 60km of liquid natural gas pipeline
Hainan Island: monitoring 34km of subsea power lines in the south of China
Alaskan oilfield: integrity assurance along an offshore pipeline
Busan Water: safeguarding against leaks within pipelines for the city’s water supply
Greater Gabbard Wind Farm: protecting power cabling for what will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm
Support services for fibre-optic monitoring systems
Omnisens has established a reputation for excellence in the innovation and implementation of performance-defining solutions, built to the highest quality standards and featuring unrivalled reliability.
Our extensive programme of research and development keeps us at the forefront of technology. We have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for our specific focus on R&D, manufacturing and sales.
Our technology is backed by a worldwide network of distributors and after-sales experts, supporting our customers by ensuring the continued reliability and high performance of our solutions.

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