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OMB Group, founded in 1973, specialises in forged steel valves, from small-size gate valves to large-diameter trunnion-mounted ball valves. The company now operates five plants in three countries and has a well-established network of agents and distributors.
At OMB we have developed a comprehensive range of engineered valves that are installed globally across a wide range of industries, including in oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical, chemical, and more. In the past 30 years, millions of valves have been supplied to major oil and gas companies worldwide.
Forged steel valves for oil and gas applications
OMB manufactures a wide range of forged steel gate, globe and check valves for general oil, gas and petrochemical use. We offer:

Valves with flanges according to ASME, DIN and JIS standards
ISO15761 - API602 cryogenic service forged steel valves
Valves with extended bonnet and cryogenic and low-temperature ball valves
ISO15761 - API602 bellows seal forged and cast steel valves

High-temperature, high-pressure valves
Eco-L-Valves® is an exclusive product developed by OMB for steam and thermal transfer fluids designed around a revolutionary bellows seal concept. We offer bolted and welded bonnet versions, flanged and butt-weld designs, as well as the new Y pattern designed in classes 150, 300 and 600.
OMB also has a range of valves for the power and energy industries, which includes:

Y pattern globe valves up to 4,500 class
Welded bonnet and pressure seal construction gate, globe and check valves
Parallel slide gate valves for steam service

Certified valves for the offshore industry
OMB's quality system is certified in accordance with ISO9000-vision 2000, and our comprehensive quality programmes have been certified since 1990. Our products are certified to meet the European Union Pressure Equipment Directive (PED, CE mark) as well as ATEX requirements. OMB has been accepted as an approved supplier by the major energy companies in the world.
Our valves are always supplied with the forging plant issued 3.1 certificate. We keep all certificates issued in the past 15 years on our online database, searchable via our website. Non-destructive examination by ultrasonics, magnetic particles and liquid penetrant can also be held at our site. Chemical analysis by computer-controlled direct reading emission spectrometer and ferrite content analyser equipment is also available.
All valves are hydraulically tested, seat leakage tested and functionally tested. In addition, packing emission in accordance with the latest ISO requirement, helium gas, cryogenic, vacuum and other functional testing can be arranged in our laboratories.
Special valve design
We can manufacture the following special valves:

Bellows seal valves
Cryogenic and low-temperature valves
High-temperature / high-pressure service valves
Pressure seal valves from 0.5in upwards
Y pattern globe and check valves
Alkylation service
Extended bonnet / lantern ring vacuum service valves
Chlorine service valves
Urea service valves
Instrumentation – needle valves
Valves with soft seat inserts
Self-closing (spring-operated) globe valves
Angle valves

Offshore valve body and bonnet materials
OMB valves are manufactured in a wide range of materials, supplied by the best available steel mills, and forged by well-known forges with outstanding equipment and experience.
We suggest a standard combination of body and bonnet materials and trim (stem, disc, wedge or seat) composition; however, different combinations are available on request.
Top-entry and side-entry ball valves
OMB trunnion-mounted ball valves are manufactured to API 6D and 6A specifications. The construction is side-entry, three-piece full or reduced bore; or top-entry full bore. Lever, gear or actuated options are available in standard and compact designs.
All valves are designed with an anti-blowout stem to prevent stem ejection by internal pressure. For double-block and or emergency shutdown valves (ESDV / SSDV), double-piston effect seats will be provided.
Split-through conduit gate valves
OMB manufactures both API 6A and 6D-compliant valves, which offer true double-barrier sealing with mechanically energised independent seats, thus providing a compact double isolation in a minimal effective design. The OMB design is used where additional safety barriers are required in your system.
A key feature of our design is the reduced frictional forces and hence the reduced torque requirements for sealing. This, coupled with our own actuators, provides a more effective compact design for all offshore applications.
Static body-to-bonnet seals of metal-to-metal design ensure that all body joints are stronger than that of the surrounding pipe work. The full bore design offers trouble-free operation for the duration of the valve life.

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