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Offshore Clamp and Protector Technologies is dedicated to the design and manufacture of clamps and protectors for the offshore oil industry. We have the best and most effective clamps for the control of umbilicals in the world; yet, we still constantly strive to improve them for our customers.
Umbilical clamps
We have named our line of clamps ‘The Force’ because they clamp the umbilicals with more force than any other clamp on the market today. Furthermore, they do not distort the shape of the umbilicals like most other clamps do. The reason for this is that our clamps apply force equally and radially directly toward the centre of the umbilical. Distortion of the shape of an umbilical could easily lead to crimping of hydraulic lines or crushing of fibre optic lines, causing lost time and heavy expenses to customers.
In pull tests "The Force" can withstand between 3,000lb and 5,000lb of pull before slipping, depending on the number of umbilicals attached. No other clamp on the market can come close to withstanding these amounts of pressures without distorting the umbilicals. Additional benefits of ‘The Force’ umbilical clamps are:

Easy to install – most clamps can be installed in approximately 1min 10sec
Lightweight – most clamps weigh 5lb or less
Space saver – ‘The Force’ clamps fold up neatly in our storage cases (16-20 per case), taking up very little space when not in use

Clamps for workover / completion riser systems
‘The Force’ Model MDR-200 is a specialized clamp for securing multi-function control umbilicals to workover / completion riser systems. It is designed specifically to run inside the marine drill riser when running the tubing hanger and other functions. Its unique design, materials and construction make the Model MDR-200 clamp the safest and strongest clamp on the market for use inside the marine drill riser because:

‘The Force’ Model MDR-200 will float in all solutions from saltwater and above
‘The Force’ Model MDR-200 has been pull-tested at 5,000lb without slippage
The clamp has no metal parts that can be lost in the riser
UHMW-PE wear blocks prevent abrasion of straps; UHMW-PE has the best wear resistance of any of the plastics
Yellow polyester straps are lined with our ‘Friction-Multiplier’ material, which tremendously increases the holding power on the umbilicals
The 4in wide polyester webbing has a 24,000 break-strength

Cathodically protected clamps
‘The Force’ Model 100 is a cathodically protected clamp that has the highest holding power within the industry. ‘The Force’ Model 100 has so much holding power that it will prevent umbilical slack even when experiencing eddy (loop) currents.
In pull tests with a ¾ wire line clamped to a 3in pipe, the wire line slipped at 4,010lb. There are no other clamps on the market that even come close to this holding power. This clamp is especially suited for use in open water for offshore workovers and completions. ‘The Force’ Model 100 is designed to accommodate a wide range of clamping solutions including:

Umbilicals to wire lines
Umbilicals to choke / kill lines
Umbilicals to riser systems
Umbilicals to drill pipe
Any two members to each other
Fibreglass pipe to production riser
Accommodates all size variances of umbilicals

Anti-damage and contaminates protectors
Our protectors are designed to protect your equipment from damage or contaminates during shipping. Most of our protectors are made from ABS high impact plastic. This material is strong yet much lighter than most protectors on the market and can cost much less. We also produce protectors designed to go downhole. This protector attaches to the end of the pipe and can be easily removed with the ROV.
Our team will work closely with you to create a design to give maximum protection to your investment while keeping costs down.

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