ODS Metering Systems


As an independent flow metering system integrator ODS B.V. offers you the unique combination of expertise in civil and mechanical engineering, instrumentation, electrical engineering and process automation. Together with our application knowledge, shop & field calibration facilities and worldwide service capabilities, we offer you the best possible technical and economical turnkey flow custody transfer metering solutions.ODS Metering Systems has expertise in Fiscal oil and gas metering systems, flow computers and supervisory systems, HMI systems, prover and validation systems, injections systems, analyser systems and other related equipment. ODS Metering Systems is specialist in implementation of all available custody transfer metering principles such as: turbine, coriolis mass, ultrasonic, positive displacement, orifice, etc.. All products and systems are supported by a well-equipped international service organisation. We have the disposal of a certified volume- and weight based calibration facility in our workshop. Furthermore we have a mobile compact meter prover to perform calibrations on site.

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