North Pacific Crane Company


North Pacific Crane Company (NPCC) has been supplying pedestal mounted marine cranes, offshore cranes, shipboard cranes and dock cranes to various industries under all environmental conditions. We have done business with the trade name ALASKA MARINE CRANE for three decades and are specialized in fixed boom, telescopic boom, knuckle boom, and knuckle-telescopic cranes, with custom-built lifting capacity ranging from 2t to 125t for various boom reaches. We have delivered more than 2,000 cranes since 1978. Many of our original cranes, including some we delivered back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, are still in operation. Our long-time customers still return to us for replacement parts and consulting, and still recommend us to new customers. Our cranes are used for offboard lift, onboard lift, oil and gas industries, oceanographic, ROV launch and recovery, cargo handling, oil spill response, naval and coast guard service, sub-sea works, tugs and barge, fishing boats and fishing applications. We are committed to providing quality engineered products and services that meet our customers' needs and expectations, all at a competitive price. In addition, we are committed to complying with the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, and continually improve its effectiveness to ensure world class design and manufacturing of marine, offshore, shipboard and dock cranes. Marine crane fixed boom (MCF series) NPCC fixed boom cranes meet the highest level of performance, stability and durability in harsh marine environments. Also, many of our fixed boom cranes can be easily disassembled, moved and reassembled as needed. Booms are either rectangular tube or double-tapered box section types with lengths of up to 125ft, depending on tonnage. Fixed booms are also manufactured in one or two sections, depending on boom lengths and shipping requirements. When more than one section is required a pinned joint is used. Our joint seal-welded box sections are simpler to inspect, clean and paint than a lattice boom and are less susceptible to damage during transport and use. Marine crane telescopic boom (MCT series) We manufacture single, double or three-stage telescopic booms utilizing different arrangements of single internal in-line cylinders, internal piggyback cylinders, and dual external in-line cylinders. All cylinders we manufacture are double-acting with built-in counterbalance valves to protect against uncontrollable loss of load. The main boom can be rectangular or tapered in cross-section, with tele-booms integrated inside that are fabricated from high-strength steel to exact customer specifications. An auxiliary winch mounted on the crane can provide additional lifting capabilities, either for hose-handling or for fast-line applications. Marine crane knuckle boom (MCK and MCKT series) NPCC manufactures knuckle boom cranes with hinged box section booms, optionally equipped with telescopic jib extensions. As unique purpose cranes, they are custom-designed for marine applications with a very limited work area, low clearances, and other unique operating requirements. Articulation is accomplished via the main lift cylinders and jib cylinders. The nature of the hinge and cylinder arrangement allows for both flexible and precise operation. ROV handling cranes NPCC manufactures ROV handling cranes, designed to load and unload remotely operated vehicles used in underwater or subsea research and activities. We can provide you with customized swing frames for ROV deployment and retrieval. Also, we can create customized base plates with a universal bolt hole pattern that allow you to easily transfer a crane between chartered ships. Manufacturing Our reputation to our customers begins with our design / manufacturing facility in Washington, US. With our state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained personnel, NPCC can guarantee fast delivery. In order to provide fast delivery, many of the common parts are manufactured in batch lots well in advance thus reducing lead time and also providing reduced tooling setup time. Also, many of the long lead items are procured well in advance to support the fast turn-around orders. We are able to maintain very strict control of both product quality and cost by manufacturing all structural crane components and hydraulic cylinders at our own facility. Engineering Our extensive experience, combined with sophisticated computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) technology and calculation programs, allows us to consistently provide the highest performing product with the least expense. The use of computer aided engineering (CAE) technology helps us to analyze the structural stability, alternative material incorporation and design optimization to reduce the crane dead weight. It also helps us to ensure that loads are safe at all wind speeds, wave heights, and heel and trim angles for offboard and onboard applications. Crane parts, service / maintenance, commissioning and testing Approved and tested short notice supply of crane parts, immediate service availability, ease of maintenance, commissioning and load testing are the key strengths of NPCC. We guarantee reduced costs, faster delivery, reduced overall structural dead weight, and higher lifting capacity at maximum reach. All the safety features on our cranes fit the rules and guidelines of lifting appliances, as required by various certification bodies.

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