Norisol is a Nordic group with expertise in the fields of passive fire protection insulation and surface treatment, as well as scaffolding services and fitting-out. Norisol can rationalise project management, increase the level of flexibility and substantially lower costs.
With 1,500 employees working from regional offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Norisol is locally represented close to the customer. The group affiliation enables us to collaborate across national borders with regard to large and technically demanding projects. We have the capability both to meet the demand for local adaptation and also supply the resources to carry out technically demanding projects and mobilise large teams of personnel when necessary.
Passive fire insulation systems
Norisol offers professional installation of optimised insulation systems to provide protection against fire, and is one of the largest players within technical insulation in Scandinavia. We serve major customers across national borders and allocate extensive resources when necessary. However, our structure with independent sections also enables us to give smaller and more local customers a high priority.
Norisol is licensed to apply the most commonly used materials that are used to protect buildings and installations against most fire scenarios. We have been responsible for applying fire insulation on some of the most recent major development projects on the Norwegian shelf.
If we encounter a challenge which cannot be overcome optimally using known methods, we draw on our experience to the benefit of our customers. We are constantly developing new insulation methods, components and prefabricated elements. We are insulation specialists and offer everything from project planning and dimensioning to execution of the job itself, regardless of whether the project concerns a new installation, rebuilding, refurbishment or maintenance.
Metallisation (thermal spraying)
Metallisation (thermal spraying) is carried out by certified personnel in fields where special requirements for surface treatment apply. The metallisation coating gives the surface higher corrosion resistance and enables it to tolerate higher stresses from heat and mechanical loads.
Jetbox for fire containment within pipe systems
Reducers and flanges are the most vulnerable places in a pipe system for flammable fluids such as gas. Norisol has therefore developed InsuFlex Jetbox, which prevents the spreading of explosive fires inside the pipe system. InsuFlex Jetbox has been tested by SINTEF in Trondheim. These tests have shown that the system can withstand a temperature of 1,300°C for at least 60min. Reducer and flange types have also been developed for thermal insulation.
Fitting-out of offshore accommodation and vessels
Norisol is a professional partner within fitting-out and architecture services for all types of fitting-out and rebuilding projects. Our expertise covers everything from the development of concepts and products, through project management and project planning to procurement, prefabrication and installation.
Scaffolding, enclosures and cover systems
With over 25 years of experience, we have built up extensive scaffolding expertise. Demanding projects in unforgiving environments are part of our everyday work. Our two key initiative areas are scaffolding and weather protection, but we also supply access technology, welding enclosures and personnel such as riggers, fire watch officers and flagmen.
Decommissioning offshore platforms
Today, Norisol is a leader within the removal of scrapped platforms. We have developed the operation from the maintenance of the Frigg platforms in the early 1990s to take part in shut-down, and now removal. Flexibility has been the route to our success. Our operators have the flexibility to adapt and work actively and safely on hectic projects.
Our commitment to health and safety
At Norisol Norge, we put health, safety and the environment first and are certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001:2000. We have developed our own manual which is used by everyone within the organisation. This manual presents all aspects of safety equipment, notification routines and reports concerning undesirable incidents and injuries. All undesirable incidents and injuries are reported, and both monthly and annual statistics are prepared. The aim is clear – everyone must get home
safe and sound.

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