The Norwegian company Noreq specialises in the development and manufacturing of lifesaving products. Noreq has always been driven by a desire to develop new and improved solutions for the maritime industry. We have succeeded in this goal by thinking innovatively, adopting a go-ahead attitude and maintaining a close dialogue with the users of the equipment, shipyards, ship owners and consultants.
‘Pushing Safety Further’ is our slogan and we will continue to think innovatively to improve the safety standard for people working on vessels and offshore installations. The result is lifeboats, rescue boats and davits that set a whole new standard in lifesaving equipment.
Compact davit systems
Traditional davit systems are exposed to wear and tear. This represents a threat to functionality and requires frequent maintenance. This is not safe and the cost is high. The new Noreq compact davit system has all functional components integrated inside the davit structure. This carefully considered and epoch-making design is an advantage when it comes to maintenance and service, installation and deck preparation, as well as in regards to heating in Arctic climates. The Noreq compact davit system sets tomorrow’s standard for davits.
New-generation davits
Noreq’s davit range includes:
Rescue boat davits
Ship davits
Rig davits
Telescope davits
Workboat davits
Noreq’s davit system is designed in accordance with the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and European Council Directive 96/98 on Marine Equipment (MED).
Freefall lifeboat for vessels
SINTEF Marintek tests have proved that the design of Noreq’s Torpedo freefall lifeboat has advantages compared with any known design today. The Torpedo lifeboat will be built to the highest industry standards. Features such as installation and maintenance efficiency and lifelong service have been emphasised during development.
The Torpedo lifeboat will comply with the new DNV/Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) standard for design of freefall lifeboats (DNV-OS-E406). The Torpedo lifeboat will increase safety compared with standard lifeboats for vessels, floating rigs, jack-up rigs, FPSOs and installations worldwide.
Freefall lifeboat for rigs
The Torpedo freefall lifeboat can be installed on board fixed installations, FPSOs, jack-ups or floating units. The rig version is available with capacity for up to 70 persons and installation heights of up to 50m.
Freefall lifeboat for ships
The ship version of the Torpedo freefall lifeboat also holds the unique torpedo properties. The ship version is available with capacity for up to 45 persons and drop heights up to 32m.
The launching arrangement is available in both a steel version and a vacuum-injected composite material, the latter saving a minimum of 30% weight per system.
Rescue boats
Noreq’s rescue boats have a special design that ensures great stability, as the outer and inner hulls are shaped in separate moulds. The buoyancy tank provides sufficient buoyancy to keep the boat afloat when flooded and fully manned. The boat can be delivered with or without an engine.
Fast rescue boats
Noreq’s fast rescue boats can be supplied with both outboard petrol and inboard diesel engines. The boats have high-speed hulls, achieving speeds up to 35kn. Noreq fast rescue boats have hydraulic steering as standard. The robust GRP frame ensures good self-righting abilities, and large drain valves in the stern ensure drainage from the deck. The boats are equipped with high-quality navigation lights and switch panels (IP 56). A Henriksen hook can be installed on request.
A worldwide provider of lifeboats, rescue boats and davits
Noreq is located by the seaside on the west coast of Norway. Noreq keeps expanding and we are strengthening our global network by having offices and partners worldwide.