Formed in 2006, NoelDive provides a full range of services and equipment to the global oil and gas industry. Over the past two years, NoelDive’s client base has increased tremendously and the company enjoys a reputation of delivering fast service effectively, with a no-nonsense approach when it comes to ensuring safety and quality.
With an extraordinary level of dedication, perseverance and commitment from our staff, you can be assured that we go the extra mile to provide quality subsea solutions.
We specialise in:

Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services
Diving services
Offshore project management
Subsea inspection and construction services
Offshore engineering

Inspection and work-class ROVs for subsea operations
NoelDive is able to provide a range of ROVs, from inspection to work-class systems, which can be promptly dispatched to operate safely and efficiently during offshore operations.
Industry-standard subsea operation systems
NoelDive offers air and saturation diving systems to the offshore industry. Our systems are built to industry-standard guidelines and proper classifications. Diving systems are meticulously audited to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency prior to an offshore operation.
All equipment provided and operated by NoelDive is well-maintained by our world-class trained and qualified personnel.
Offshore project management services
NoelDive’s offshore project management team commits itself to delivering prompt and cost-effective solutions to our clients. We promise full-fledged dedication to each and every project, from the early planning stages to its strategic execution, management and completion.
Subsea NDT inspection and construction services
NoelDive’s subsea inspection division now uses the latest NDT equipment, methodology and procedures. We also provide services in drafting out professional detailed final reports upon completion of inspection programmes by our onshore CSWIP staff, for our clients’ perusal.
NoelDive’s integrated company structure enables it to deliver safe, time-saving and cost-effective solutions for construction projects. Our pool of highly knowledgeable personnel within the company enables us to manage and operate a range of projects, from installation to turnkey projects.
Offshore engineering services
NoelDive is able to offer a range of offshore engineering services and products to our clients, including designing and fabricating.
Our design engineers and draftsmen are well aware of the various offshore environments found in the oil and gas industry, and are able to offer designs in both existing subsea structures as well as new prototypes, which are then drafted and offered to our clients.
Upon approval of these drawings, the fabrication is performed by experienced and certified welders. Therefore, clients have the option of utilising our in-house services to have the completed structure installed offshore.
Purpose-built air and saturation diving systems
NoelDive offers the sale of purpose-built air and saturation diving systems. Diving systems are built and third-party audited to industry standards and proper classification prior to delivery.

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