NDT Systems and Services


NDT Systems draws on extensive expertise and experience in the field of automated inspection systems. All employees have been working in this industry and in their specific fields of specialisation for many years and have set standards, especially in the field of heavy plate inspection. The services offered by NDT Systems around these products include installation and commissioning of the inspection systems, detailed documentation, training of personnel, and full after sales and maintenance services. The business activities of the company are structured into three business units. NDT Systems offers: Automated inspection systems to the steel industry, including linepipe and pipe manufacturers Global pipeline inspection services Engineering resources with respect to non-destructive testing technologies Automated inspection systems Automated inspection plants engineered by NDT Systems are used in the steel, rail and automotive industries. The diversified range of stationary systems includes ultrasonic plants for the online and offline inspection of heavy plate, plate and strip material, incorporating automated assessment procedures according to a wide range of international delivery standards. Pipeline inspection services It is very important that the integrity of a pipeline system, including all aspects of safety, operating efficiency and compliance is ensured. Pipeline inspection is a key factor in the pipeline maintenance process. NDT Systems and Services offer a full range of pipeline inspection tools utilising ultrasound technology (UT). This advanced range of high-resolution tools is based on a modular concept which allows the tools to be used in a variety of specialised configurations. UT is ideal for the inspection of pipelines particularly regarding sensitivity, accuracy, resolution and repeatability. NDT's LineExplorer range offers true quantitative measurement capabilities for metal loss and crack inspection of pipelines. The tools are available in three main or standard configurations, but can easily be adapted for other specialised inspection requirements Online inspection services NDT Systems also offer a method of ultrasound testing which uses EMAT technology and does not require a liquid couplant. The technology supplied by NDT Systems further includes automated systems for the inspection of the laser welds of tailored blanks, as used in the automotive industry. One major product line includes ultrasonic inspection systems for the online and offline inspection of heavy sheet metal - optionally incorporating automatic assessment routines according to a wide range of international delivery standards. The product range offered also encompasses automated systems for pipe inspection, including full volume inspection, weld inspection as well as pipe end inspection. NDT Systems also offers automated testing equipment for the wheel and axle inspection of railroad cars and engines.

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