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Monitoring Technologies Commercial Dive Limited is a specialised engineering-based commercial dive company that was launched in 2007 in response to market demand for a specialist utilities and infrastructural diving unit. Our work involves dive labour hire, pipeline inspection, pipe rehabilitation, construction and demolition as well as reservoir and intake maintenance programmes.
This coincided with the development of the Monitoring Technologies Diver DACAD system which required product testing in various environments by top of the range, highly skilled and trained commercial divers.
Divers for offshore and marine maintenance
We are fortunate to have talented, professional divers on call. Monitoring Technologies Commercial Dive is the only dive company of its type in New Zealand that provides full scoping and reporting by a qualified engineer.
Dive labour hire
Monitoring Technologies also provides dive teams on a “labour only” basis. The teams range in size from a minimum of 3 (dive Supervisor plus 2 divers) to teams of 14 (2 dive supervisors and 12 divers).
All of our dive supervisors are ADAS “Dive Supervisors” qualified and are current divers to at least ADAS Level 3. All our divers are qualified to a minimum of ADAS Level 2, with most being ADAS Level 3 and some being fully qualified saturation divers.
Monitoring Technologies will assemble dive teams to meet clients and project requirements. Depending on work load, our dive teams can often be deployed at short notice.
Monitoring Technologies provides specialist pipeline services including:

Removal and demolition
Seabed rehabilitation
Pipe Asset Management

Some of our recent projects include the following.
Pipeline Removal - as part of a pipeline removal project our divers performed the following services:

100 metre section (20 tonnes) cut and removed
32 tonnes of anchoring system removed from the seabed
Pipe cut into sections for ease of handling due to existing pipe splits

Sewer outfall maintenance - a structured programme is in place to bring the pipeline up to contemporary design standards and extend the life of a NZ$16m asset. Work includes:

Replacing protection anodes
Improving earth strap continuity over pipeline length
Cleaning of diffuser field
Design and construction of a revised end cap (approximately 100kg steel upstand)
Extracting pipe samples

Potable water services
Monitoring Technologies has specialist knowledge and expertise in potable water. Services include reservoir inspection, and desludging of reservoirs and chlorine contact tanks without the need to take the reservoir off line.
General diving services
Monitoring Technologies provides a full range of diving services including:

Dredging/water jetting
Weed removal

Diver safety
Safety is paramount to Monitoring Technologies Commercial Dive and all dives are planned and performed in accordance with ASNZS2299:2007 which is based on DCIEM procedures and includes:

Full dive operation risk assessment
Identification of equipment isolation requirements to secure the work site
Full scoping of the dive and the development of contingencies
Department of Labour notification for the works

Commercial diving advanced risk management procedures
Given the inherently dangerous nature of commercial diving, MonTech implements rigorous project specific risk management procedures. These procedures have been developed over a number of years which represent “state of the art” methodology for managing the dive risk. The risk management procedure is based on ASNZS 4360:2004 protocols that are computerised but followed up with manual paper-based risk assessments that are performed on a daily basis on site. MonTech takes risk management very seriously and ensures all aspects of our project work conforms to industry standards as well as contemporary best practice.

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