MMO Anode/Mixed Metal oxide anode/Activated metal


Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd (TiTaN) are pioneers in Design, Manufacture and supply of mixed metal oxide (mmo) coated (activated ) titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium metal anodes for all most all type of industrial cell 's (electrolyzer) applications such as chlor alkali, chlorate, electrochlorination, perchlorate and Cathodic protection etc.
TiTaN 's activated titanium / tantalum / zirconium / niobium anodes are used for the production of sodium hydroxide, Chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen, potassium hydroxide, sodium chlorate, potassium chlorates, sodium perchlorate, potassium perchlorates etc. Which are mainly used for pulp bleaching, water treatment, propulsion mixers and explosive formulations.
TiTaN 's mmo anodes product range includes box anode, rod anode, wire anode, ring anode, plate anode, ribbon anode, tubular anode, runner anode, mesh anode etc.
Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd. design,engineer and manufacture exotic metal chemical process equipments,electrochlorinators,platinized ,MMO anode,Titanium Anode,Niobium Anode , tantalum repair kits.

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