Mine Awareness International


Mine Awareness International is a Non-Government Organization which provides Landmine, Unexploded
Ordnance (UXO) and Improvised Explosive Device awareness training to companies and contractors who will be operating in countries or regions which have been ravaged by conflict
and are contaminated by landmines and other Explosive Remnants of War.

We run standard courses which run one or two days (the two day course is recommended) and covers topics such as:

- Landmine, UXO and IED identification
- Effects and safety distances
- Route planning and avoidance
- Booby traps
- Vehicle IED search techniques
- Mine and UXO incident drills

These courses are held on a regular basis in the UK, US and Middle East, or we can deliver a course at a convenient location
near your office or base of operations. We can also provide "in country" training for staff already on the ground in a given
theatre of operations (additional costs may apply for insurance , security etc depending on the region, and we may decline
to provide training in some high-risk locations).

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