MetOcean Solutions Ltd


Highlights include:-
- New Zealand?s first national coverage, high-resolution commercial, maritime forecasting service, available to users over the web, 24/7.
- Arguably, the number 1 New Zealand provider of advanced MetOcean modelling to the offshore Oil & Gas industry.
- A world first in provision of very fine resolution, long-wave forecasting tools for port operational and safety planning.
- MSL have implemented NZs first dedicated data server for marine search and rescue and oil spill trajectory forecast modelling
Personnel's projects have covered; metocean data collection/analysis, seabed surveys, numerical modelling of waves, tides, currents & sediment transport, wave hindcast & forecast studies, oil-spill fate modelling & water discharges, FPSO/pipeline survey/stability analysis & wave kinematics, metocean design criteria, ambient & extreme metocean stats.

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