MENCK, an Acteon company, manages complex piling projects for customers in oil, gas and civil engineering, and supplies some of the world’s most sophisticated pile-driving hammers. We specialise in providing state-of-the-art, reliable technology to the highest environmental and safety standards for conventional and shallow offshore installations, bridges, ports, deepwater offshore installations, and offshore wind farms.
Our engineering and project management services are based on a comprehensive knowledge of issues relating to driven piles. As we provide logistics for transportation of our own and our customers’ hammer equipment, we offer worldwide services for other heavy and large equipment.
Hammers for deep water
Offshore exploration continues to go deeper and MENCK goes too. Our patented MUP system allows our hammers to reach depths up to 2,000m (6,500ft) and we're working on new technology that will take us, and you, even deeper. No depth is too great for our deep sea offshore hydraulic hammer system.
Hydraulic hammers for offshore wind
MENCK is a leader in driving large diameter monopiles (over 5.2m), jackets and tripods for the offshore wind industry. There are over 230 turbines supported from MENCK installations in northern Europe with many more on the way.
Bridges and ports - when stability counts
For the challenging circumstances where a secure foundation is a must, MENCK hydraulic hammers offer unparalleled performance. Our patented noise reduction system is the preferred solution in urban areas.
After market hammer services
We are your partner in hammer service. We provide more than just a hammer. After market services provides all maintenance, spare parts and highly qualified technicians to run our hammers.
Pile driving engineering and project management
Expertise, know-how and qualified personnel. Our engineering and project management teams have years of experience in the offshore industry. Pushing the limits of our hammers to anchor your foundation, MENCK is constantly working on new ideas to push the limits of pile driving.

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