Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.


MTR is a supplier of membrane-based hydrocarbon recovery systems. Our capabilities include membrane and module manufacturing, process and system design, project engineering, and commissioning services. MTR has supplied over 60 membrane systems to the largest companies in the hydrocarbon processing industries throughout the world. In 1997, we received the prestigious Kirkpatrick Award from Chemical Engineering Magazine to recognize VaporSep? as the top chemical engineering achievement commercialized in the previous two years. MTR continues to develop new and improved membranes and processes for high value-added separations, resulting in the award of more than 40 patents.

VaporSep is a membrane-based process for separating and recovering hydrocarbons from light gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, or methane. The enabling technology is a "reverse selective" membrane that preferentially permeates the larger hydrocarbon vapors compared to the smaller light gases.

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