Meke Marine Environmental Protection Services Ltd.


Meke Marine Environmental Protection Services Ltd is recognized as the leading environmental company in Turkey?s marine and inland pollution response sectors. It offers to its clients, which include the Turkish Marine Ministry and Istanbul Municipality, an extensive service portfolio:
- Oil spill response at sea/on land
- Pipeline spill response
- Marine debris clean up
- OSRV (Oil spill response vessel) production
- Oil spill response equipment production
In 2004, Meke and USA based Spill Response Company, Seacor established Sesmeke with a 50-50% partnership. Today, Sesmeke is operating 4 emergency response base in BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) Pipeline Turkish Section. Operations managed by Sesmeke are considered to be worldwide examples for environmental friendliness and response speed by official authorities.
MEKE is the only company to represent Turkey in international spill response organizations, MOIG and OSRAM. The purpose of MOIG and OSRAM is to construct a response infrastructure in the Mediterranean Region and to minimize environmental damages due to oil spills.
Since 20 years, Meke is managing successful response operations to the oil spills in Bosphorus, Marmara Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean thanks to its 11 OSRV. With their experienced crew, these custom made vessels are in service of Turkish Government and Leader Oil firms such as ExxonMobil, Opet and British Petroleum and TPAO.
Meke also produces world class oil booms, sorbent booms and oil skimmers in its "Oil Spill Response Technologies Factory" located in Istanbul.

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