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Maxon's full line of combustion equipment includes gas burners, oil burners, gas
valves, shut-off valves, flow-control valves and low NOx burners. Since our formation in 1916 all of our combustion systems and equipment have been designed and engineered with our customers' needs in mind. Maxon produces nothing but high-quality
products, which are certified to the highest standards in the industry.
Performance, reliability and durability are three reasons Maxon valves have been the leading choice of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s.
Maxon gas valves are the only fuel shut-off valves with metal-to-metal seats that wear in rather than wear out. Powerful closing springs provide a reliable closing force for assurance of safe fuel shut off. The natural guillotine action of Maxon
shut-off valves adds a self-cleaning stroke to the valve operation.
The unique guillotine design ensures extremely low pressure drops for a given line size. All Maxon valves are 100% tested for function and seal before leaving the factory, and are available with international-agency approvals for a wide variety of
services (including hazardous-area operation).
Valves are available with electrical or pneumatic actuators. A broad range of trims are available to safely shut-off almost every gas or liquid imaginable, from general purpose liquids to corrosive gases or oxygen.
The latest Maxon shut-off valve, the Maxon 8000 pneumatic-type valve, is now available for liquid service. This valve has proven its capabilities in the field of gas shutting-off for several years and can now be used on fuel oils and other
The Maxon 8000 valve is a SIL3-capable (IEC 61508) compact valve with a very rigid design. It possesses global approvals for safety shut-off (CE, FM and CSA) and for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 2/22).
Maxon's mechanically linked air / gas valves have been the standard for ratio control in the burner industry for decades. Now Maxon goes one step further and introduces the electronically linked SMARTLINK® control valve.
The SMARTLINK system allows control of up to four flow-control valves which can all be individually characterised with only one central unit. The extremely-precise control motor is suitable for heavy industrial applications; its high accuracy allows
for better process control and fuel savings.
A high degree of precision, repeatability and commissioning flexibility for industrial flow control is found in the Maxon SMARTLINK intelligent valve-actuator assembly. The compact design of this unit is ruggedly built with FM, CE and CSA approvals
for outdoor, weatherproof installations. The SMARTLINK actuator is also FM-approved for hazardous-area applications in mills, refineries and other plants.
SMARTLINK provides easy, on-site customisation of the valve-flow characteristics, allowing users to 'shape' valve responses to their needs. The assembly includes both a valve actuator directly coupled to a valve, and a control interface unit between
the valve actuator and the user's process controller (whether PLC or DCS).
Each valve is continuous-duty and fully adjustable to 0.1° accuracy to provide a dynamic control of burner ratios for optimal performance.
Today's advanced industrial burner systems minimise emissions and maximise efficiency. Advanced combustion systems require advanced ratio control through a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability. SMARTLINK MRV flow-control valves
provide that control, as well as an electronic parallel-positioning system for air / fuel ratio control.
Maxon's complete SMARTLINK system includes up to four gas valves and a control interface unit to electronically link the valves to your process controller. Fully adjustable to 0.1° accuracy to provide dynamic control of burner ratios for optimal
performance, all our flow-control valves are also continuous-duty.

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