Maxit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the maxit Group, which is Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of materials and solutions to the building and marine industry. The maxit Group is a part of the worldwide operating building materials group SaintGobain.
Pumpable oil platform primary deck covering
The maxit range of oil platform installation products is pumpable, reducing the time needed for screeding, thus ensuring installation of primary deck covering at 300m²/hr to 500m²/hr that is walkable after one to three hours. Floor covering for oil platforms can be laid after just one to three days.
Oil platform floors with fire insulation
maxit provides functional and durable floors for oil platforms requiring fire insulating constructions with non-combustible materials, sound insulating constructions, primary deck coverings, and more.
Floors on oil platforms are subject to extreme stresses, such as knocks, vibrations and tremors, and shrinkage and failure to adhere are common industry problems. By installing a maxit marine floor you avoid these issues.
The decisive benefits of the maxit range of offshore and marine solutions are the efficient properties of the solutions – speed of application and access.
Chemical-application water proofing system
Deitermann, a company in the maxit Group, has products and systems for various construction chemical application areas. These modern-construction chemical products and systems are flexible in use and therefore ideal for applicators, architects, contractors, planners and construction workers. This flexibility is ensured by the work carried out by highly qualified specialists in our research and development department.
Self-levelling floor screeds
The maxit Premix range leads the world in production of pumpable cementitious self-levelling floor screeds.
maxit marine flooring systems are built layer by layer to provide the optimum solution for each individual client's requirement. Pumpable self-levelling floor screeds allow you to achieve the flattest, smoothest and thinnest floors possible, performing to exact standards even in highly demanding environments. They are pre-mixed at the manufacturing plant, and boast the following benefits:
Factory blending to ensure consistent quality
Machine mixing, guaranteeing optimum consistency
Choice of delivery in bags, bulk or pump trucks
Pumpable form to minimise downtime and enhance ergonomics
Rapid drying time, meaning floors are walkable after one to three hours
High strength / low thickness mix to minimise loss of floor to ceiling height
Self-compacting and self-levelling; ready to surface finish after one to three days
Marine flooring systems only installed by accredited maxit contractors
A-60 offshore floor
This system is DNV A-60 approved and recommended for offshore installations requiring fire-insulating constructions where the material must be non-combustible according to IMO rules.
It is composed of three layers: 50mm of Rockwool Firebatts 150 (nominal density 150kg/m³); a steel reinforcement net of 5mm in diameter and a grid of 150mm x 150mm; and 25mm of maxit 4665 marine fire floor.
Oil platform DB-floor
The maxit DB-floor is recommended for oil platforms requiring sound-insulating constructions.
Oil platform deck covering
maxit primary deck covering for oil platforms features flexible, durable pumped screed systems for steel decking with a low constructional height. The fresh surface can be smoothed gently with a toothed spatula to give a perfectly smooth surface.
Offshore DB-A60 floor
This floor for offshore platforms is composed of the following layers:
15mm maxit 4660 marine elastic floor levelling compound (cement based, fibre reinforced levelling compound with nominal density of 1.9kg/m²/mm)
50mm Rockwool marine slab 140 with nominal density of 140kg/m³
Interglas woven glass fabric with weight 100g/m² to 3,000g/m², or equivalent non-combustible product
Steel reinforcement net of 5mm in diameter and grid 150mm x 150mm
25mm maxit 4665 marine fire floor, cement-based levelling compound with nominal density of 1.9kg/m²/mm
Oil platform light DB-floor
The maxit light DB-floor for oil platforms is a flexible, durable pumped screed system for steel decks, with low constructional height and structure borne sound insulation. It comprises a 1.3mm layer of visco-elastic (ACM form Swedac), and a 15mm maxit 4660 floor marine elastic levelling compound.
An ISO 9001:2000 certified company
The maxit range of marine products satisfies the requirements stipulated by the authorities and leading classification societies. All our marine self-levelling compounds are design approved by DNV. The manufacturing process is also registered in accordance with SS-EN ISO 14001:1996, SS-EN ISO 9001:2000 and NS-EN ISO 1400 .

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