Maverick Valves, established in 2000, has integrated the design, production, examinations and sales into a significant body in the field of valve industry. Maverick Valves is a high qualified enterprise that uses the latest techniques. Its production facilities covers an area of over 38,000 square meters.

The Maverick Valves product range includes: Gate (also through conduit), Globe, Check (wafer/swing), Ball, Plug, Butterfly valves, Strainers and a variety of wellhead equipment. Sizes range from ?" to 56" (DN15-DN1400), class rating from 150lbs to 2500lbs (PN16-PN420). Material range?s from cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, super-duplex stainless steel and special alloy steel like Monel and Inconel and suitable for working temperatures from -196?C to 650?C.

For urgent deliveries Maverick Valves has excellent possibilities to directly supply valves from their vast valve stock within 24 hours.

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