Masstrans, established in 2002, offers marine heavy lift and transportation design, project management and consultancy services to clients in the oil and gas industry. We are committed to providing optimum solutions for the movement of large cargoes in an efficient and safe manner and in compliance with all relevant industry standards.
Masstrans can accommodate complex design requirements and ensure the smooth execution of lifting and transportation operations. Our services commence with pre-planning of project requirements and extend through consultancy and design to the chartering of marine equipment on site co-ordination and supervision of projects.
Heavy lift / transportation consultancy
Masstrans provides heavy lift / marine / project cargo movement consultancy and contracting services to encompass the requirements of offshore installations and sea ports, in particular project cargoes and port equipment such as container quay cranes and RTGs, fabrication / boat / ship yards, fabricators / manufacturers of infrastructure equipment and machinery, and shipping and logistics companies.
We are committed to providing direct or alternative solutions to the movement of any item in an efficient and safe manner and in compliance with the standards imposed by the industry. We are able to accommodate complex design requirements in order to ensure the smooth execution of any operation.
Structural analysis and design engineering
Masstrans provides a range of engineering services, including structural analysis and design, which involve deck strength and equipment foundations, lifting points, lifting gear, seafastening / tie downs, reinforcements and skid shoes / tracks / link bridges.
Stability analysis and planning engineering services
Masstrans’ stability analysis and planning engineering services involve weight transfers by ballasting and loading / off loading, and the up-ending of floating objects by crane / ballasting.
Lift and shift analysis, design and planning
Masstrans offers lift and shift analysis, design and planning, which includes dynamic amplification factors for lifts, lifting parameters, anchoring / mooring patterns, lift rigging and lift / shift manuals, including procedures (narrative and dimensional), drawings, documentation and job safety analysis.
Marine transportation equipment analysis and design
Masstrans provides analysis and design for marine transportation equipment. This involves motion, stability, strength, hydrodynamics, mooring, cargo securing and towing resistance.
Marine equipment design and analysis
Masstrans offers design and analysis services for the following range of marine equipment:

Accommodation / cranes / work barges
Lifting / launching structures
Load testing for floating cranes

Offshore loadout, transportation and installation management
As a follow up to engineering services, Masstrans utilizes the combined practical and onsite experience of its personnel to engineer and co-ordinate / supervise the multi-modal and dynamic stages of loadout, transportation and installation.
Software for CAD, engineering analyses and rigging calculations
Masstrans is equipped with computer hardware and software to produce the following:

Computer aided drafting (CAD) - AutoCad
Structural engineering analyses / FEM and designs - StaadPro
Hydrostatic analyses / calculations and hull design - Hydromax / Maxsurf
Information on crane lifting parameters for major cranes in the region
In-house rigging calculations
Mooring analyses / design - Optimoor

Heavy lift equipment expertise
Masstrans is constantly compiling information on floating cranes, rigging equipment and related equipment in the region in order to provide advice on the optimum selection of equipment for any particular project. Our experience and knowledge of criteria imposed on heavy lift equipment by regulatory bodies is vital in ensuring suitability of equipment, to the satisfaction of our clients and their principals.
Mechanical and structural engineering professionals
Masstrans has employees schooled in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, naval architecture, structural engineering and nautical / shipboard operations – all of whom have sound knowledge in the lifting and transportation equipment available within our area of operations. Masstrans’ project teams work together to provide expert advice tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

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