Marine & Mainland of Louisiana, Inc.


Marine & Mainland Crane and Compressor Services has the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians and our management group has over 100 years of offshore crane and compressor service experience. Each employee is committed to building a company that offers truly superior services.

Safety is job #1. We are committed to not just working safely, but with providing our customers with safe working equipment. M&M; has a safety program that provides our employees with training, tools, PPE and motivation. Prior to beginning any job, employees consider potential safety risks and develop solutions to avoid risk in the work process. A job is not completed until a final safety evaluation is made including the successful testing of any component, process or equipment.

Quality is the ingredient that differentiates M&M; from our competitors. Quality at M&M; is not a program but rather a work philosophy and company culture that encourages each employee to recognize and be reactive to the fulfillment of customer expectations.

Our philosophy demands that we conduct business with unquestionable ethics and principles to ensure that we gain and retain the respect and trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community in which we live.

Our goal is that we service our customers so well that they will want to do business with us. We believe that our future depends upon our consistent ability to save our customers money. Each employee is charged with customer satisfaction.

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