Marine Cadcam Pte Ltd


Marine CadCam Pte Ltd (MCCPL) is a multi-discipline marine engineering company specializing in ships & Rigs 3-D modeling and associated downstream work such as engineering drafting work, marine insurance survey and maritime project consultancy.

In MCCPL, we endeavor to deliver a complete engineering solution package of ships modeling; and can also provide ship conversion project management for Ships & Rigs owners and shipyard clients.

The company sets up in Singapore during this new millennium and has a satellite office at Batam and Surabya, Indonesia.

The main business activities of MARINE CADCAM PTE LTD can be categorized as follows:

- Ships/Rigs Modeling and generation of machine codes for NC machines using TRIBON shipbuilding Software.
- Ships Designing
- Marine insurance survey and consultancy
- Engineering drafting work using general drafting Autocad software
- Structural engineering and design work
- New building and Ships conversion Project Management
- Shipyards consultancy and Management

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