Mann Tek


Mann Tek is a Swedish company that produces and markets dry-disconnect couplings, safety breakaway couplings and swivels for safe and environmentally friendly handling of fluids, gases and chemicals in the offshore and chemical industry.
Environmentally friendly dry-disconnect couplings for the offshore industry
Mann Tek dry-disconnect couplings are used for the spill-free handling and transfer of liquids, gases and bulk powder in an economical, safe and environmentally friendly way. The dry-disconnect couplings are produced in accordance with several important standards, including NATO STANAG 3756.
Within the offshore industry, dry disconnect couplings are typically used for:

Ship-to-rig transfer
Ship-to-shore transfer
On-rig handling
Container discharge
Fuel bunkering
Barge-to-ferry bunkering

Safe industrial offshore couplings with easy handling
The self-sealing design of Mann Tek’s industrial couplings guarantees both the highest level of safety and the quickest way of connecting and disconnecting. To connect, push and turn; it will be coupled with full flow. To disconnect, turn and pull; it will release with no spillage.
Dry-disconnect couplings are available in standard sizes from ¾in (DN 20) to 6in (DN 150) with several materials and seals to suit even the toughest applications. Advantages include:

Economical, reliable and environmentally friendly: no loss or spillage of liquids at connection or disconnection; accidental spillage eliminated
Easy to handle: push and turn - free flow; turn and pull - closed
Time saving: no need to drain hoses or pipe systems
Safe: the valve cannot be opened until the unit is coupled

Industrial safety breakaway couplings
Safety breakaway couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, protect terminal and loading / unloading equipment and eliminated unwanted product release.
The breakaway couplings have a diverted breaking point, which will break at a determined break-load, where upon the internal valves will automatically close on both sides. This will, in a longer timeframe, minimise downtime, and save money, equipment and the environment.
Marine safety breakaway couplings
Marine safety breakaway couplings are designed to only release by inline pull and used between two strings of hose.
Our marine safety breakaway couplings incorporate the same internal mechanism as our industrial couplings, but have additional external features that provide increased resistance to torsional and bending moment forces that may be applied to the coupling, preventing premature activation in the unpredictable marine environment.
Typical applications include ship-to-offshore platform and ship-to-ship product transfer operations. The marine safety breakaway break-load can be customised after application requirements.
Stainless-steel heavy duty swivel joints
Swivel joints are used in the industry wherever a movable pipe-connection system between two equipment parts is needed. The swivel joints are designed for slow rotary motions under the influence of high internal pressures and/or extensive external stress such as traction and bending forces. With an appropriate combination of swivel joints nearly all movements, from the simple rotation or swivelling motion up to motional actions in space, can be realised.
Heavy duty swivels are available in sizes from 1½in (DN40) to 10in (DN250). The standard material is stainless steel. Other materials are available on request.
ISO, PED and ATEX-certified couplings for the offshore industry
Mann Tek is certified to ISO 9001:2008. The products are CE-labelled and marketed through independent representatives in more than 30 countries. The main products are certified to both the European pressure equipment directive (PED), and ATEX, the European directive for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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