Welcome to the website for LOGIS-TECH ASSOCIATES (including its sub-division called A-1 Technical Training)

Learning Providers, Data Communications, Business Logistics and Multidiscipline Engineering Consultants

Logis-Tech Associates are the main UK agents for a range of test equipment, which is suitable to detect air and gas leaks and mechanical malfunctions.

The Portable fault locating ultrasonic detectors listen to leaks in compressed air and vaccuum installations, leaks in tanks, etc and can also listen to mechanical noise from for example ball bearings or other movable parts.

A-1 Technical Training, a sub-division of Logis-Tech Associates deliver the following HNCs in Engineering by Open Learning.

Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Multidiscipline Engineering, Chemical Process Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering. This site is presently under construction.

140 Boyd Street, Crosshill, Glasgow, G42 8TP Scotland Tel: 0141 423 6911 Fax: 0870 127 6102 email: hugo@logistech.fsnet.co.uk

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