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LJM Hydraulik develops and manufactures hydraulic cylinders for the offshore oil and gas industry. The manufacturing equipment at LJM Hydraulik is continuously updated and operated by staff with a vast expertise and know-how. The skill and technical enthusiasm of our staff guarantee a uniformly high level of quality and efficient maintenance - both before and after delivery. It is also the knowledge and general attitude of our staff which always ensures accurate delivery at the agreed time.
It is therefore natural for LJM Hydraulik to value its staff. We place particular importance on a good working environment in which personal commitment, cheerfulness and a pleasant atmosphere amongst the staff have high priority.
offshore marine cylinders with integrated position transducers
Combining hydraulics and electronics gives new and greater possibilities for using hydraulic power transmissions. The combination of hydraulic cylinders, transducers and electronically-operated valves are important components for industry to use in solving the demands of productivity and quality. With an intregrated position transducer it is possible continuously to register the position of the piston rod.
Telescopic cylinders for the offshore industry
When applications request cylinders with a combination of long stroke and shourt build-in length the double acting telescopic cylinder is the right choice to make. With a double acting telecopic cylinder controlled motions are possible, for instance in applicatios as:

Mobile lifts

DNV type-approved cylinders for the offshore industry
Our NH75 range of cylinders is primary designed and developed to meet the requirements for a robust and type approved hydraulic cylinder in the marine, offshore and the mobile industries. NH75 is being delivered with spherical bearings in steel, bronze and composite materials.
Piston rods are available in three different steel qualities with various surfaces such as chrome, nickel-chrome and ceramic plated in order to meet the strict requirements for long lasting hold in a demanding and rough environment. Surface treatments performed according to current norms and customer specifications.
Offshore cylinders with built-in load-holding valves
We easily design special marine cylinders with build-in load-holding valves. Our range of experience includes cylinders with built-in:

Single overcentre valves
Double overcentre valves
Non-return valves
Hose burst valves

The overcenter valve is basically a pilot-assisted leak-tight relief valve The pilot pressure will help the cylinder pressure (or the load induced pressure) to open the valve. Each valve has a fixed pilot ratio which determines how much influence the pilot has on the opening of the valve.
Stainless steel cylinders for the offshore industry
Our stainless cylinders are made of acid-proof stainless steel. Sealings are from recognised suppliers / make - no matter if the liquid is water or oil. The standard cylinders NH46/47 and NH54/55 can also be used as basic models for special cylinders with various versions of:

Rod and cylinder mountings
Bearings and bushings
Internal and external positioning sensors
Integrated non-return and hose burst valves, etc.

The cylinders can operate submerged in seawater or in high aggressive environments.
LJM Hydraulik is a part of LIND JENSENS MASKINFABRIK A/S, which was founded in 1964. The company is Danish-owned, employs

approximately 200 staff and has at its disposal more than 15,000 m² of manufacturing and administration buildings.

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